Problem with tatasky hd stb


Jun 3, 2012

I have been facing problems with my 3 year old TataSky HD STB for a few weeks.
When I start the TV and STB in the morning it takes 3-4 mins for video to appear on TV. The tv is receiving signal(it does not show No signal message like when stb is off) but screens remain blank for few minutes. After that, for next few hours the screen goes blank for 5-10 seconds every few minutes.

TS technician and I have tried a few things to identify problem but failed so far.

1. Changed HDMI cable from STB to TV.
2. Changed cable from dish to the underground cable input.
3. Removed underground cabling from the picture by putting a new cable from dish to STB directly.
4. Replaced the STB
5. To rule out problems with HDMI port of tv I connected my laptop with TV but don't see similar problems with laptop.
6. To rule out power supply problems(my place gets >250v consistently a lot of times) put a voltage stabilizer for both TV and STB(stabilizer is sending out ~220-230v).
7. Connected the compsite cable(RCA) instead of HDMI, and the problem does NOT happen, but with composite cable I dont get HD output(wondering why the TS STB does not provide a component output instead(YPbPr).

Anyways, at the moment I am all out of ideas and would appreciate if anyone can help me with this.

Thanks, abhi