Got new Spectranet demo connection in Pune. To go for it or not?

Hopeless Addict

Jul 11, 2014
As the title says, I signed up for a 15-day free demo. The plan is 20mbps down/10 mbps up speed with no FUP.

I have already experienced a somewhat casual and tardy attitude from the sales guys. However, the connection itself is not too bad. I am getting around 15-19 mbps which is acceptable.

I play some DOTA 2, which is an online game with servers in Singapore, Europe , US etc.
On this spectranet connection, the pings are as follows:
SEA - 250ms +
EU west - 150 ms
EU east - 150 ms
Russia - 150 ms

It was like this for the first 3 days. However, the ping has suddenly gone up to 270 on EU servers with no sign of coming down.
Can someone please let me know about their gaming experience on a spectranet connection and whether I should go for it or not.
Video streaming, downloads, torrents etc seem to be working fine. I just want to be sure about pings for gaming.

Also I must admit, since someone called Nitin who seems to be an important spectranet guy is active on this forum, I was hoping to get his attention and resolve this ping issue. Apart from that I am quite sold on the ISP and am a potential buyer. PLIS HALP K THX