Nextra Connection Time Sync Issue


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Dec 24, 2015

I recently moved from Delhi MTNL to Nextra wired connection (Insignia is the vendor name I think).
Service is great, no downtime, no frequent disconnects.

I recently noticed that my Windows machine is not able to sync time with I tried changing NTP server, same error.
Error is - Operation returned because the timeout period expired.

I checked with my raspberry PI also (it sysnc time with NTP server at reboot). It's tie is also out of sync.

I never had any such issue with MTNL.

Is any one else also having same issue with Delhi Nextra ?
Any quick fix or workaround for this ?


Vibhav Sinha

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Sep 16, 2015
Hello, did you found the issue? Was it an problem with nextra. I am thinking of moving to nextra but anything even close to port-blocking is a deal breaker.


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Feb 8, 2016
they use some malware which i hv read soemwhere but m nt sure.....and also dont use this connection ...u will get wht they promise you tooo...i m on 10 mbps plan n i get the same speed only if i download songs but if you are gonna download any movie from website its not gonna be same everytym...out of 10 tyms it will give you the perfect spee donly once or twice...... so the score 2/10 and also their net does not support torrent which is big drawback of the connection u cnt not downlaod any movie using torrent at a high speed u will get their 512 kbps plans if you have a the nextra and hvnt face any problem yet from them..plz try movie download...u will knw the real nextra.....its been only a week for me and its giving me sleep less nights....mtnl is worth using... :)