Oct 29, 2004
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Lenovo Announces The Yoga Tab 3 And Yoga Tab 3 Pro, Remixed Versions Of Its Unique Tablet Designs

The Yoga Tab 3 Pro is a horse of a different color. Literally - while the regular models are black, the Pro version is gunmetal grey with some faux leather on the back. While it uses the same screen size as the 10-inch Yoga Tab 3, it quadruples the resolution at 2560x1600. The battery is also larger at 10200mAh. Inside you get a zippier Atom Z8500 processor with a top speed of 2.24GHz, and it's paired with 2GB of RAM - good, not great. Storage is 16GB or 32GB paired to a MicroSD card slot. Strangely, the rotating camera is out for the larger model, with individual 13MP and 5MP cameras on the rear and front. The tablet's body and kickstand also use at least some metal in the design.
Like last year's 13-inch version of the Yoga Tab Pro, the new 10-inch model has an integrated video projector. This time it's embedded into the kickstand hinge instead of being stuck to the side of it, which allows the projector to rotate 180 degrees - very handy for presentations or video in tight corners. Lenovo says the image can be projected as large as 70 inches, though it doesn't say what the projector's resolution or lumen rating is. And to make good on those impromptu theater settings, it uses a series of four (count 'em, four) Dolby-certified front-facing speakers from JBL. The Yoga Tab 3 Pro will start at $499, with prices going up for the 32GB version and the LTE model.
All three tablets use Android 5.1.1 and Lenovo's custom skin, which has hopefully improved since the last generation. Highlights include dual-window multitasking, gesture controls, and special drivers for compatibility with narrow capacitive styli.