Paytm Wallet KYC Upgrade


Oct 29, 2004
How to continue using Paytm without Aadhaar KYC – Paytm Blog

Before 28th Feb, you could add upto Rs.20,000 per month to your Paytm wallet. First of all this limit has been reduced to Rs.10,000 month for Min-KYC users. So if you plan to spend less than Rs.10,000, you can tap on “Add Money” icon on Paytm App and add any amount less than Rs.10,000. Now proceed to “Add Money” and use any of your preferred method like UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking to Add money.
Important Change: You will be able to do all transactions including recharges, utility bill payments, movie tickets, travel bookings and payments at stores, payment with our partner Apps like Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, Big Basket etc. However, without KYC, you will not be able to send this money to your friends or transfer this money back to a Bank Account. This is the only impact if you don’t undergo KYC process
There is absolutely no change in the way you do your mobile recharge or bill payments on Paytm. If you add money to Paytm as explained above, you will see this balance at the time of making payment and you can use this to complete your transaction. Your favourite payment mode is still as powerful. Continue using our “Fast Forward” one tap payment method if you add money to Paytm
How to use Uber:
Good news is that there will be absolutely no change here either. You can continue to use all your favourite Apps linked with Paytm and use Paytm Balance to make payments there. You can add money from Uber just like before.
How to pay at a Shop:
Good news continues, you can add money and go to any store where Paytm is accepted and scan the QR and pay normally. Some shops display their mobile numbers for Payments, you will still be able to pay them the same way you did earlier. However, in some cases you may face some issues if the shop you are trying to pay is not a certified Paytm merchant but is accepting Paytm in their personal account. In such cases, we suggest that you use our new “Refer a Merchant” and we will quickly convert that shop as our merchant so that next time you can pay easily using Paytm
How to send money to a friend:
If you are a Paytm wallet user and used your Paytm Balance to send money to your friends then it will be restricted without KYC. RBI Guidelines restrict P2P payments from wallet. But we have a super cool hack for this.
How to send money to a Bank Account:
If you want to send money from your Wallet to someone’s bank account then you will not be able to do this without KYC.