F1 in Delhi by 2010


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May 3, 2007
India could host a Formula One race in 2010 as the game's world governing body cuts events in Europe and expands the sport in Asia.

F1 was "far down the line" in negotiations with a state government to build a racetrack in the country, the circuit's Chief Executive Officer Bernie Ecclestone said, adding that "we had to make sure we found the right place in India and we have."

He, however, declined to identify the venue for the prospective F1 race.

Discussions with some cities, including Hyderabad had failed to get a positive result, Ecclestone told Bloomberg.

He said that work on the new track should begin shortly and take three years.

"India is a country that is probably going to grow quicker than China," the F1 boss said.

As part of the expansion drive in Asia, Ecclestone has also signed an agreement to stage a race in South Korea in 2010.

In contrast, some of the traditional races in Europe are likely to miss out as the British Grand Prix at Silverstone may alternate with its French counterpart on the 18-race schedule, Ecclestone, who has run Formula One since the 1980s, said.

Germany and Italy will lose one of their two races next season, and the San Marino Grand Prix held at Imola, Italy will not be reinstated.

"It's bye-bye to San Marino," Ecclestone said.


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Oct 29, 2004
heh. no government would take the risk of spending a fortuneon a f1 track in india. the opposition would kill any such plan.private parties would have to do it on their own. and the investmentwould make it tough for them...as they would really have to work on marketing the race in india to get enough tourists to justify the expenditure.


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Apr 14, 2006
A track from parliament to Jantar Mantar would be build specially for F1 race and non racing seasons Tanks would be deployed there ;)


Oct 29, 2004
F1's only Indian driver has admitted that his country is "unlikely" to be able to host a Grand Prix in 2009 -- or even within five years.The Indian Olympic Association said in June that it had reached a provisional agreement with Bernie Ecclestone for a race somewhere in New Delhi.But Narain Karthikeyan, who raced for Jordan in 2005 and is now an occasional test driver for Williams, said of the possibility for an Indian GP: "It's unlikely.""I doubt it. F1 is very expensive. I don't think they will be able to build a track by 2009," the 30-year-old told the Hindustan Times.He added: "Maybe five years down the line we can expect F1 in India."Karthikeyan admitted, however, that Formula One teams would love to be able to race in India because it is now a "huge market" for carmakers.But he said the racing industry is still in its infancy in the world's second most populous country."We are still way behind the Europeans," said Karthikeyan. "We don't have enough money. The infrastructure is not up to international standards. India has just two racing tracks, whereas even a small country like England has 15."

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