you broadband

  1. A

    Dual MAC Updation

    hi can you tell me what is this use full for?
  2. A

    updated my plan speedtest

    I just change my plan 100 Mbps speed hear is the speedtest Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
  3. A

    Lo speeds and high ping my speed should bee 78Mbps and keep in mind this is an FTTH Connection
  4. A

    Department of Telecommunications has regulations on how long one can stay connected to VPN (and how strong encryption could be)?

    now the Terms had changed it says: 38. The Customer may use VPN and encryption up to the bit length permitted by the Department of Telecommunications. YOU Broadband - Terms & Conditions
  5. A

    YOU Broadband user review in Hyderabad

    applied on saturday the sales guy came and explaned about there FTTH option I told him to come on monday so he did came today morning and took the documents which are needed along with 1947 INR for a plan of 78Mbps with 4000 GB for 4 Munths note:this plan comes with 300 GB for 3 Munths and free...
  6. an00p

    Port Forwarding on You Broadband

    I am a user of you broadband and I have realized that my wan IP is different from my public IP . Is this the reason why port forwarding never works for me? Is there a way to solve this? when i got in touch with the customer service they said that they do not block any ports.
  7. G

    Port Forwarding Issues on You Broadband

    Hi All Has anyone setup port forwarding successfully on You Broadband? I have setup using below steps but not able to see any response. 1. I have You broadband connection and using it via my home router. I connect to ISP using PPPOE and my phones and laptops connect via Belkin router 2. I...
  8. Sushubh

    You Broadband Terms of Use Prohibits using VPNs

  9. A

    Does You Broadband provide public or private IP?

    hi all iam changeing from act to you broadband because act gives private ip at the wan level i want to know does you broadband gives publick at the wan level like airtel?
  10. Nilavan

    The Jitter Effect

    Hi all, I have a You Broadband connection at Aundh, Pune. Well the problem is I am a online gamer, I play Dota 2 mostly, i have a 2 Mbps connection, and there's a lot of jitters i.e you see the ping to a particular server keeps on fluctuating. I also experienced the same in one my friend's...