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  1. IBF

    YES BANK Bharat QR (Quick Response) Code App

  2. Sushubh

    Yes Bank has reduced interest rates to 5%-6.25%

    i guess this change does not affect most customers as interest remains same between 1L-1C.
  3. Sushubh

    Yes Bank is now seeking ATM experience feedback after transactions?

    this sms came 4 days after i used the yes bank atm. gave me a shock honestly. immediate reaction was that someone used my debit card at the atm while i am sitting at home. insane.
  4. Sushubh

    YES PAY Chatbot

    YES BANK partners with Payjo to launch Artificial Intelligence led Digital Initiatives - Press Release
  5. Sushubh

    YES Bank SIMsePAY

    YES BANK Launches SIMsePAY Unique Innovation Which Empower all Citizens to Broad Base Digital Banking - Press Release
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    Yes Bank

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  8. IBF

    YES BANK Savings Accounts

  9. Sushubh

    PhonePe Updates

    Flipkart Money has been converted into PhonePe. A digital wallet app with integrated UPI support I believe in collaboration with Yes Bank. This app worked for me. And is pretty nice compared to the others I have tested until now. PhonePe India's Payments App - PhonePe - Android...