web hosting

  1. humblefool

    Which is your Go to service for hosting Side projects?

    Which services do you use to host and develop side projects? I have been using DO for a while mainly because they have servers in India but wanted to explore other options. Please share hardware details if you use a self-hosted solution.
  2. Shaoor

    Best Web Hosting in India

    I want to host my website and looking for web hosting provider. But the issue is should I opt for VPN or shared plan as I need better security and reliability.
  3. V

    Website Hosting

    Hi, I want to build and host simple website with static pages. Which vendor is good? My Requirements: 1) New domain Name 2) Simple website with static webpages 3) Hosting 4) Website building/Monitoring tools
  4. Sushubh

    Namecheap Deals, Offers & Discount Coupons

    Shared Hosting • Namecheap.com
  5. IBF

    HostGator Deals, Offers & Discount Coupons

    Looks like a generic coupon.