1. A

    Vodafone India VoWiFi Service Launched (Maharashtra/Goa, Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata, Delhi only for now)

    Anyone from Maharashtra & Goa or Kolkata circles received Wifi Calling on Vi? They have launched VoWifi in these 2 circles from today. iPhones will be the first to support and we might have to resort to installing logkit on OnePlus phones to force enable. https://www.myvi.in/vi-wifi-calling
  2. IBF

    Vodafone Eco Lohri

  3. R

    Vodafone RedX initial impressions/review

    I was migrated to Vodafone RedX today and i did few speedtests, RedX vs Vodafone prepaid SIM. To remove variability as much as possible i did the test with both the sims on same phone (OnePlus 7), all speedtests were done at least 2 times back to back. First pic is prepaid and second is RedX...
  4. S

    Vodafone Idea offers speed as a key differentiator to lift ARPU via RedX plan

    Vodafone Idea offers speed as a key differentiator to lift ARPU via RedX plan Was wondering if this 1) Ethical? 2) infringes net neutrality? 3) Is it a tacit admittance that it's throttling speeds for other customers, especially pre paid?
  5. sudheersidhu97

    Not able to send sms for poting to 1900

    Dear Sir, iam not satisfy with your Internet Network Coverage n Data Packs...Hence, i thought to move to Airtel...then i have started to send SMS to 1900 for Porting... but, iam not able to send only for 1900... "message Could not sent" is showing...tried 10 time... by speking to Custmer care...
  6. IBF

    Vodafone Sakhi

    Source Vodafone Sakhi | Vodafone India
  7. rajeshnayar

    How mobile tower signal distribution works in india ?

    in my area i am getting signal from Jio Tower at 850 Mhz bandwidth varies from 3Mhz ,5 Mhz to 10 Mhz recently a new tower has been commissioned by jio which is around 2 km from my location but i am not getting signals of nearby tower even using Jio hotspot why i am able to get good signal...
  8. IBF

    Vodafone SuperIoT

  9. A

    YOU Broadband user review in Hyderabad

    applied on saturday the sales guy came and explaned about there FTTH option I told him to come on monday so he did came today morning and took the documents which are needed along with 1947 INR for a plan of 78Mbps with 4000 GB for 4 Munths note:this plan comes with 300 GB for 3 Munths and free...
  10. IBF

    Vodafone India #HappyToHelp

    Source Happy to Help in a Click: Manage Multiple Prepaid/Postpaid Family Connections | Vodafone India