1. A

    Vodafone India VoWiFi Service Launched

    Anyone from Maharashtra & Goa or Kolkata circles received Wifi Calling on Vi? They have launched VoWifi in these 2 circles from today. iPhones will be the first to support and we might have to resort to installing logkit on OnePlus phones to force enable. https://www.myvi.in/vi-wifi-calling
  2. R

    Vodafone RedX initial impressions/review

    I was migrated to Vodafone RedX today and i did few speedtests, RedX vs Vodafone prepaid SIM. To remove variability as much as possible i did the test with both the sims on same phone (OnePlus 7), all speedtests were done at least 2 times back to back. First pic is prepaid and second is RedX...
  3. S

    Vodafone Idea offers speed as a key differentiator to lift ARPU via RedX plan

    Vodafone Idea offers speed as a key differentiator to lift ARPU via RedX plan Was wondering if this 1) Ethical? 2) infringes net neutrality? 3) Is it a tacit admittance that it's throttling speeds for other customers, especially pre paid?
  4. sudheersidhu97

    Not able to send sms for poting to 1900

    Dear Sir, iam not satisfy with your Internet Network Coverage n Data Packs...Hence, i thought to move to Airtel...then i have started to send SMS to 1900 for Porting... but, iam not able to send only for 1900... "message Could not sent" is showing...tried 10 time... by speking to Custmer care...
  5. rajeshnayar

    How mobile tower signal distribution works in india ?

    in my area i am getting signal from Jio Tower at 850 Mhz bandwidth varies from 3Mhz ,5 Mhz to 10 Mhz recently a new tower has been commissioned by jio which is around 2 km from my location but i am not getting signals of nearby tower even using Jio hotspot why i am able to get good signal...
  6. A

    YOU Broadband user review in Hyderabad

    applied on saturday the sales guy came and explaned about there FTTH option I told him to come on monday so he did came today morning and took the documents which are needed along with 1947 INR for a plan of 78Mbps with 4000 GB for 4 Munths note:this plan comes with 300 GB for 3 Munths and free...
  7. Sushubh

    Predatory pricing by mobile service providers in India

  8. sreeji

    Video apps slow on Voda and Jio, but fine on Airtel and Idea

    Access to Netflix, Hotstar etc, as well as Google Play Store (to download apps) are all super slow for me on Jio and Vodafone. But speedtest shows high speeds of 10-15 mbps, on Trai myspeed, Ookla (singapore), Netvelocity etc. See the photo below. It shows a parallel speedtest to fast.com...
  9. IBF

    Vodafone SuperNet 4G | The Data Strong Network

    Vodafone India- SuperNetTM 4G Source
  10. IBF

    Vodafone RFID

  11. SVK

    Aircel planning to close operations in 6 Circles

    Aircel plans to halt services in six loss-making circles - ET Telecom 1 more bites the dust?
  12. IBF

    Vodafone GSTReadySolutions4Business

  13. krishna1997

    You Broadband powered by Vodafone

    and ive seen ads in streets so any news
  14. IBF

    Vodafone International Roaming Plans

    Source i-RoamFree: Postpaid & Prepaid International Roaming Packs | Vodafone India
  15. LordSpymaster

    How do I ensure that I buy a never used Prepaid number from Airtel?

    Guys, I am going to purchase a new Prepaid connection and for that is there any way to check if anyone used to own that number before? One way is to check truecaller, but what about others? Thanks! Edit: Title should say ensure
  16. Sushubh

    Vodafone Rs. 29 SuperNight Recharge Pack

    Jio impact: Vodafone’s Rs 29 recharge offers unlimited data for 5 hours at night
  17. S

    Vodafone deducting my balance uninformed

    Hi vodafone, you are deducting balance from my prepaid account from past 2-3 weeks. The services which i never ever activated you are deducting my balance for those. I have already called your customer service multiple times, i cannot keep on doing this over and over as i have to work and make...
  18. SVK

    Indian Premier League Updates

    After ICL has rolled out its plan to kick start its matches - NDTV.com: ICL to kick off on November 30 I was just wondering if both these CLUBS comes across plans of playing CRICKET matches between them, what would be the result? Who will outplay other? :whistle: If this plans materalise, then...
  19. slyronit

    Best International Roaming packs

    Hi All, I do quite a bit of traveling and generally get a local SIM for 4G data, but recently got a single-sim phone, so that's not an option anymore. Vodafone's packs seem terrible for data, they are mostly for incoming/going calls that I don't need. Airtel's packs seem slightly better, and...
  20. SVK

    Vodafone 4G 4X data packs

    Vodafone Offers 4GB 4G Data at Rs. 250, 22GB at Rs. 999 Per Month
  21. xtc

    Vodafone SuperHour: Vodafone offers unlimited 4G/3G data per hour at Rs 16

    Telco price war continues; Vodafone offers unlimited 4G/3G data per hour at Rs 16 - ET Telecom The war is hotting up. This looks good if the speed is upto the mark.
  22. IBF

    Vodafone SuperPlans

  23. Sushubh

    Vodafone M-Pesa: Deposit using card and withdraw cash at partner store

    I say it's a trap. It's not like partner stores would have excess of cash to distribute. Withdraw cash from over 120,000 outlets across the country with Vodafone M-Pesa
  24. SVK

    Vodafone 4G in 17 circles by March 2017

    http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/internet/vodafone-to-cover-17-telecom-circles-with-4g-service-by-march-2017/articleshow/55357246.cms Hopefully with competitive plans!
  25. SVK

    Vodafone Flex for Prepaid users

    Vodafone launches Flex, a single recharge option for prepaid users - The Economic Times
  26. Sushubh

    Vodafone India IPO expected in a couple of months

    Vodafone to file prospectus for Indian listing in August - sources
  27. RajanP

    Idea customers happiest among AVOID group

    Surprised? Telenor, Idea customers happiest; Bharti Airtel sees jump in complaints - RTN.ASIA
  28. Sushubh

    Vodafone SuperNet 4G

    lol. Source
  29. Sushubh

    Vodafone Angel Stores

    Vodafone Commemorates International Womens’ Day With The Launch Of Two All Women Angel Stores In Bengaluru
  30. d5aqoëp

    How do you rate Vodafone's 4G ? (Discussion thread & Poll)

    New poll started to discuss Vodafone's 4G/LTE deployment efforts.
  31. Sushubh

    MyVodafone App Valentine’s Special Offer

  32. Sushubh

    Vodafone 4G LTE launched in Bangalore

    Vodafone India Rolls Out Of 4G-Ready Sims In Bengaluru
  33. Sushubh

    Anyone else seeing SSL related issue on My Vodafone?

    PS: I am using Chrome Dev and Firefox Beta.
  34. SVK

    Vodafone to buy YOU Broadband?

    Vodafone likely to buy YOU Broadband for Rs 400 crore - The Economic Times
  35. Sushubh

    Vodafone 4G Launch in Kolkata soon

    Vodafone India Rolls Out 4G-Ready Sims In Kolkata
  36. Sushubh

    Vodafone 4G launched in Mysuru, Karnataka

    Vodafone India Launches 4g Services In Mysuru, Karnataka
  37. Sushubh

    Vodafone 4G launched in Kozhikode, Kerala

    Vodafone India Launches 4G Services In Kozhikode, Kerala
  38. Sushubh

    Vodafone Refer-A-Friend

    Refer-A-Friend To Vodafone And Get Free Calling For A Year With The Friend On Vodafone
  39. Sushubh

    Vodafone 4G LTE launched in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

    Vodafone India Launches 4G Services In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  40. Sushubh

    Vodafone MyVodafone

  41. Sushubh

    Vodafone 4G Rollout Begins In Kochi

    Vodafone 4G Rollout Begins In Kochi With A Bonanza Of Special Offers For Customers From 14th December
  42. Sushubh

    Vodafone Red

  43. Sushubh

    Vodafone One rate, One South Plan

    Diwali Bonanza For Vodafone Customers In South India
  44. Sushubh

    Free 100MB Data for everyone from Vodafone on November 11

    Enjoy A Beautiful And Silent Diwali With Vodafone
  45. Sushubh

    Is My Vodafone working right now?

    Paytm said Vodafone is down so my payment is delayed. My Vodafone keeps on logging me out!
  46. Sushubh

    Vodafone 4G launched in Delhi NCR

    Vodafone to launch 4G service in Delhi-NCR in December
  47. Sushubh

    Karnataka getting Vodafone 4G LTE services before year end

    Vodafone To Launch 4G Services In Karnataka
  48. Sushubh

    Mumbai getting Vodafone 4G LTE services before year end

    Vodafone To Commence 4G Services In Mumbai By December 2015
  49. Sushubh

    Vodafone's offer on Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus

    Vodafone India brings out the best in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  50. N

    How to enable the call blocker on vodafone?

    Hi, yesterday i was trying to activate the call blocker where i have been provided with two options on vodafone network. one is 99/month second one is 10/month. What is the difference between these two packages