tp-link archer c6

  1. C

    Router suggestions for Airtel Xstream

    Got Airtel Xstream Fiber 1 month back and I'm on 100Mbps plan with Huawei HG8145V5. The problem is that router is installed in front portion of the house and the WiFi signal becomes pretty weak on the other end of the house. I ran one LAN Cable for my PC and I'm getting around 120Mbps almost...
  2. xd003

    Need to decide between TP-Link Archer C6 & Tenda AC10

    I need to buy a dual band gigabit router under 3k and i have been researching for the same since past 2 days All around the internet & even in this forum , Archer C6 seems to the one recommended most/defacto king . It seemed like a easy blind buy to me until one of my friend recommended Tenda...
  3. Sushubh

    Best Gigabit AC1200 Routers in India

    TP-Link Archer A6 TP-Link Archer C6 TP-Link Archer C64 TENDA AC10 D-Link DIR 1260 Mercusys AC12G
  4. MadAxe

    Best Gigabit Router Under Rs. 3000

    I wanted a gigabit router under 3000 so I read a a lot of reviews on Amazon about various routers where most buyers complained about the range of their respective routers. So i decided to neglect the reviews and bought this router from Amazon for Rs 2749. But this router is worthless. It gets...