1. Sushubh

    Mozilla Firefox Private Network (Seems to have issues with Cloudflare websites if ESNI is turned on)

    Ad-free Internet by Firefox Firefox Private Network by Firefox Firefox Private Network by Firefox Firefox Private Network by Firefox
  2. A

    Dual MAC Updation

    hi can you tell me what is this use full for?
  3. A

    updated my plan speedtest

    I just change my plan 100 Mbps speed hear is the speedtest Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
  4. S

    Does BSNL broadband speed depend on the distance between exchange and my home?

    Hi, I have applied for Rs 675 bb combo plan adsl with upto 10mbps speed on landline connection. Now, distance between my house and bsnl exchange is around 3 kms. Now, much speed I can expect and will it fluctuate a lot as distance is too much. Also, will it disconnect frequently??
  5. S

    Bsnl speed slow but good line rate

    My line rate has been changed from previous month from 4096 kbps to 10239 kbps but still i am not getting the 10 mbps speed. Complained bsnl multiple times that my line rate has changed but still my speed is at 4mbps and only reply i got was that nib section guys have checked the line rate and...
  6. R

    BSNL speed vs SNR.

    Hello, I have a BSNL BB connection with 8Mbps plan. But the speed I get is somewhere between 2-3 mbps. This speed never stays stable and always fluctuates between 1mbps to 5mbps. Here are my line stats for d/l: (No issues with upload speed) Linerate: 10239 kbps Attenuation: 36db SNR: 18...
  7. RadiatedTofu

    Excitel Broadband throttling Torrent speeds

    Recently I've noticed that Excitel has started capping torrent speeds at 1MBps, Enyone else noticed or experiencing the same? This is in East Delhi Region with the 50mbps plan
  8. aatuif

    BSNL Broadband now offers 2 Mbps post-FUP speeds on all plans of Rs. 675 & above !

    BSNL Broadband customers will get upto 2 Mbps download speed after high speed quota (FUP) in all unlimited broadband plans with FMC Rs. 675/- & above. The revision is applicable to all PAN India and Circle Specific broadband / FTTH (fiber broadband) unlimited plans with immediate effect. BSNL...
  9. A

    Best Broadband in Indirapuram,Ghaziabad?

    I live in Nyay Khand 1,Indirapuram.I am using Airtel now,it works fine but the amount I am paying is a lot.So I just wanted to know which is the best broadband of choice for people living here and how there experience is with it and PLEASE NO PAID ADVERTISEMENT,I just want a REAL REVIEW.
  10. EziO


    Have Anyone came across this ISP i cant find any reviews or videos about them http://digisurf.in Their tariff details.