speed issues

  1. TarunSingh

    Excitel Broadband Getting Lower Speeds than Promised

    Hi, I am facing speed issues on Excitel broadband since 18 July 2019. I am on the 50 Mbps plan but getting only 7-8 Mbps on PPPoE connection directly on the wire. I created a ticket on 19 July 2019. Still, the problem is not resolved. I had paid for Fiber on 15 July 2019. They are neither...
  2. Ravi Kanojia

    BSNL Broadband offering me a 1Mbps bandwidth instead of 2Mbps???? Any Idea????

    Hello, I am on BSNL Rs249 broadband plan for the last one year. At first, the speed was around 250kbps which was quite sufficient for me, but now from past 2 months, I am only getting a speed of 10-25 kbps. Sometimes, I get 200 to 250 kbps for 5-10 minutes and at that time my router shows me the...
  3. G

    BSNL Broadband download speed problem

    Yesterday, My BSNL reset its FUP limit on its own so i keep quiet, but Now speed is very lower than normal. Is it normal problem?
  4. eskay

    Large downloads fail on wired LAN but not over wifi!

    I get a wetransfer.com link to download a file, say around 450MB. I start the download on my PC connected to the modem via cable and it invariably fails 9.8 times out of 10. I start the same download on my laptop over wifi and the download is complete. On the PC I get 1-1.3MB/s download...
  5. suryakamalog

    Low speed in BSNL Evdo

    Suddenly i started to get low speed on my evdo.I am getting 0.7 to 1.05 Mbps only......earlier i used to get 1.9 to 2.1 Mbps.Can anyone tell me ,what could be the possible reasons???
  6. D

    Airtel Giving Speed 4Mbps after FUP

    hello friends i am a new member of this forum so i am sorry if i post something wrong I am facing a weird Problem well not a problem(its a blessing) I am using 999 plan of airtel which give 4Mbps speed till 15GB then it gets reduced to 512Kbps.So the thing is that whenever i have any powercut...
  7. Kartiksaini

    need help I'm facing speed issues since 11August ...999rs plan and speed only 800kbps

    That time 999 plan is running in my bsnl broadband I'm only get 800kbps speed but as the plan show speed 4mbps upto 8gb but I'm not getting even 1mbps when I complain then they said my 8gb limit is cross okay but now 3 days ago I upgrade it and buy 10gb in 300 because customers care employees...