1. Debjeet

    Review for Spectra?

    Hello I am planning to take a Spectra connection (wired)in Mumbai. My primary purpose will be gaming.While they have assured high speed I have some concerns regarding ping and routing.Can someone please provide review for Spectra? Also how is the routing to Singapore servers and how much ping...
  2. The_PC_Guy

    [help] Spectra Ping / Traceroute results to Singapore

    Okay if anyone has Spectra connection could you please post ping and Traceroute results for speedtest.singapore.linode.com at my node when NATed to most IP's ping to these are pretty bad they used to be 320+ ms but after a ticket they changed the routing for couple of days it was proper at 50-70...
  3. RajanP

    Enters Bangalore. How is their service?

    It has entered Bangalore. At least select locations. Rates look super competitive. Comments, reviews? Spectranet
  4. A

    The worst Internet Service Provider

    Hello, They provide the worst service. Internet connection goes down and then it takes them 4 days to start it. The customer is in pain and their backend team is on holiday. It was the worst connection, I ever had to come across. The managers just give false commitments. I would never suggest...
  5. i0s

    Do Bangalore really sucks in terms of providing reliable home broadband with 90% uptime?

    Hi Guys, Firstly I'm thankful to this community for letting us express our views and experiences on Indian Broadband Evolution. My journey in finding reliable ISP has started nearly 30days ago and still haven't found one. Surprisingly I live just 300 meters away from one of the top commercial...
  6. A

    Spectranet Review in Indirapuram.?

    I want to know about the service they give in Indirapuram,as I know the speed depends upon the distributor.If anyone living in Indirapuram and using Spectranet can help,it would be great. :)
  7. S

    Spectranet has worst support

    Was subscribed to quarterly plan. All of a sudden internet stopped working. Waited for 4 days in case there might be some outage and will be resolved by them. 5th day raised a service request with customer care, they asked to check basic things and concluded something wrong with connection...
  8. J

    Spectranet Business Internet Access Plans

    Hi Guys, I am considering dedicated leased line for our office in Chennai. Spectranet has provided the lowest quote. If you check their plans in their website, for 10 Mbps on 1:1 basis they charge Rs.2.55 lacs per annum with quarterly payment option. Has anyone used their business plans? How is...
  9. Nikhil Sharma

    Spectranet has launched unlimited 50/100mbps plans for Rs. 1199/1999

    Spectranet to offer unlimited data with 100 mbps speed for Rs 1,200 | ET Telecom View Internet Plans
  10. A

    Spectranet Torrent Hoax

    download speed is ok but when i used the torrent i am getting only 50 kbps(avg) and when i call them they say they don't support torrent !! but have not mentioned this anywhere !!