1. Debjeet

    Review for Spectra?

    Hello I am planning to take a Spectra connection (wired)in Mumbai. My primary purpose will be gaming.While they have assured high speed I have some concerns regarding ping and routing.Can someone please provide review for Spectra? Also how is the routing to Singapore servers and how much ping...
  2. The_PC_Guy

    Speeds to non ISP servers

    okay, so was just looking up if there is any law that states that a user should get a minimum % of his internet package on non ISP servers. I couldn't find anything though there is a TRAI guideline that says so that would mean if I have a Gigabit Spectra connection in Bangalore. I should get...
  3. M

    anyone using spectra in Noida?

    Anyone using spectra in Noida, what plans are they offering and how is their service? I talked to one of their sales guy and he said that they are only offering 100mbps 500gb at Rs999(exclusive of taxes).
  4. C1537

    Spectra performing poorly these last few months, looking for alternatives

    Spectra used to be kinda good back when I first got it, I feel like in 2016, they were pretty good, upgrading from 512kbps to 16mbps/24gb, it was a huge increase in speed for me. But my internet requirements have changed and 100mbps/150 gb is too low for me. And 1mbps after finishing the FUP is...
  5. The_PC_Guy

    [help] Spectra Ping / Traceroute results to Singapore

    Okay if anyone has Spectra connection could you please post ping and Traceroute results for speedtest.singapore.linode.com at my node when NATed to most IP's ping to these are pretty bad they used to be 320+ ms but after a ticket they changed the routing for couple of days it was proper at 50-70...
  6. The_PC_Guy

    Spectra 1gbps connection user experience

    Okay got my connection on Monday (28th jan) the installation guy setup the Dlink router (setting up ONT and everything took around 15 mins )which i then replaced with my Netgear R6800 (had to go to to login register a new CPE as i changed my router my internet took 2-3 minutes...
  7. kshitijsharma87

    Considering buying Spectra. Need some advice

    Hello, I'm from Bangalore and am considering buying a Spectra connection. I need some advice and reviews of their after-sales service, technical help/solutions, downtime etc from people in Delhi who have been having it for a time now. For example I read that the fiber stops working if it starts...