1. debanjan757

    Hathway asking 15k for a direct connection

    Hello all. I have been using this god awful, horrible, and atrocious Siti/Indinet (more like S*ITTY) broadband for 5 years now at this point. When I first got the connection, I wanted to opt for something like Airtel or Alliance broadband as I heard from my friends that they are pretty good...
  2. A

    Siti plans, really unlimited or too good to be true?

    This flyer was distributed in our colony today [Vivek Vihar Phase 1, Delhi, 110095] and on the face of it, it sounds like a dream. 50 Mbps unlimited for 900, whereas i harldy get 8 Mbps for 1500 with airtel. So, is it really unlimited with NO FUP? Are there downtimes? And hows the speed? With...
  3. T


    anything you know about siti hd plz post here how many chhanels offer in waht price quality with TV name