siti broadband

  1. debanjan757

    Hathway asking 15k for a direct connection

    Hello all. I have been using this god awful, horrible, and atrocious Siti/Indinet (more like S*ITTY) broadband for 5 years now at this point. When I first got the connection, I wanted to opt for something like Airtel or Alliance broadband as I heard from my friends that they are pretty good...
  2. R

    Which Broadband is better ? Orange , Siti , Tata Docomo

    Hi, This is my first thread here. I am from Nagpur India and I would like to know which broadband is better because I am looking for a new connection. Currently, I am using JIO WiFi. Kindly please share your experience and thoughts
  3. B

    Want to change ISP from SITI in Ashok Vihar.

    I am a SITI broadband user for 2 years. In this time span there were like total of 10hrs of downtime and 3-4 visits of the technician but the resolution of my problem was prompt and I was happy considering the charges. But since 3 days the net is down. I have complained like 6 times and still...
  4. M

    How do i convince siti to lay cable in my area(avail 100mt away)

    So i see their flyer everyday and i decided to get it. After paying money they are saying that wires in my block are somehow cut and are not laying new cable and are saying that there is some connectivity/signal issue, so they won't lay cables to my area which is total bs. Now they are issuing...
  5. T


    they just launched in my area but they want 1800 installation and activation chaarges and 699 plan 5 mbps uld is 1800 necessary they giev me modem but i have my own
  6. A

    You are not allowed to login

    Previously I was connecting using SITI cables online to login to my account..At that i was also able to login from my smart phone too... Then I installed 24online client for windows to login....After that time I am only able to login from this client...
  7. write2anandsharma

    Hello Friends...Help me choose among 2 broadband plans

    I am looking for a good and stable broadband especially for browsing. Currently I am using Jio 4g but the service is not good for browsing purpose. It is great for torrents and YouTube. Right now I selected 2 broadband ISP's and I want your advice regarding that. Please consider that I want...
  8. P

    Siti Broadband - Idle Logout Issue

    How can I prevent Idle Timeout on my Cable Broadband connection? I am a user of Siti Broadband which is a cable broadband ISP. The biggest gripe I have with this service is that if the connection remains idle for 20-30 mins, I get logged out and I have to re-login through the 24Online Client...
  9. Jerrick Kant

    SITI BROADBAND - Am I being ripped off?

    Hi everybody. An important question and my first post here. Recently, Siticable arrived at my doorstep offering a month's free internet with a Wifi adapter, no money down (10 Mbps/40 GB). I figure,sure why not. I used it for a month, and found it pretty decent. Upto that point, I had a very...
  10. B

    Please suggest a new ISP in Pitampura, Delhi area.

    Hello members, I am currently using Airtel's broadband connection. Although their service is great but their FUP policy and price for the connection are a nuisance. I usually download around 100GBs in a month and I am planning to switch to a new ISP. Can you guys please suggest me a new ISP...
  11. Mohit15

    Siti broadband in Delhi - Did anybody try the 10mbps plans ?

    The plans seems pretty awesome and from what I have read in the forum, Siti Broadband has peering enabled for top speed torrent downloads. But I need to know about downtime and pings because I game a lot. I live in West Delhi, so if anyone has subscribed to this, your reply will be of much value.