1. IBF

    Street Food

  2. R

    High Pings to singapore for last few days.

    So well this is an on off issue. For the last few days pings to singapore have gone to 300s which used to be around 100. Anyone else experiencing the same??? BSNL needs to sort out its routing,they change it almost every other day,very unprofessional.
  3. IBF

    BBNL has bad network routing

    Hi guys I'm a novice and my ISP is BBNL Bangalore, the problem I'm facing is that my ISP has a new route to Singapore. Usually traffic used to flow from my computer to CXR-Chennai then to SVW-Singapore but now it goes from my computer to CXR-Chennai to MLV-Mumbai to SVW-Singapore. This has...
  4. Sushubh

    Formula-1 News and Updates

    Michael Schumacher is starting from second spot to what can be his title winning race of the season. He just need to score 2 points more than Rubens Barrichello. And by god if he gets that (even without winning the 13th race of the season), it would be tremendous achievement. 5th Title in a...