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    Pam & Tommy
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    Monday Source
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    The 355

    Source This came out of nowhere. Releasing on January 15.
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    The Devil All the Time (Netflix)
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    Kill Switch (Steven Soderbergh)
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    Endings, Beginnings

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    We Have Always Lived in the Castle Source
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    Marvel Studios' What If...?
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    I'm Not Here

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    I, TONYA

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    Logan Lucky
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    I'm Dying Up Here

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    The Bronze

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    The Martian

    Matt Damon in The Martian: First look at Ridley Scott's next movie |
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    Ricki And The Flash

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    Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America to Return to Theaters May 6, 2016 | News | So... He is not retiring yet? Plus the release date is the same as that of Batman vs Superman. Marvel confirm that Captain America 3 will be released on May 6th, the same day as Batman vs Superman : movies