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  1. Nikhil Sharma

    Reliance #JioFiber Broadband Plans (Official) Source
  2. rameshbritto

    Questions regarding Reliance JioFiber

    I have some questions regarding Reliance JioFiber. 1)Is TV Channels coming on September 5th? 2)I filled the form for Reliance Jio.But,they havent told me that now I wont get 3 months free.So,do I need to pay 700 rs per month or not?
  3. SVK

    Reliance Jio has overtaken Airtel to become the second largest telecom company after Vodafone India
  4. SVK

    Reliance Jio JioPhone - Jio Phone 2

    Check Reliance Jio JioPhone Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Exclusive: First look at Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone priced at Rs. 1299
  5. SVK

    Video Calling over JIO Network (not app based like Duo or WhatsApp)

    At home we have 2 Samsung A Series phones with JIO sim on both phones. Samsung has option to make Video call directly by native phone app. Last week I tried making Video call through phone app and found that Video calling experience was great. There was no video freeze or buffering and video...
  6. Sub123

    WhatsApp and Messenger don't work on reduced Jio Speed?

    After my consumption of 1.5GB of data, I'm unable to receive or send messeges using WhatsApp or messenger even though I can run simple Google searches Do messages require a lot of data or is there something wrong?
  7. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio Digital Champions Program

    Digital Champions Program
  8. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio JioInteract

    JioInteract - World’s 1’st Video Call BOT
  9. SVK

    Star Sports Wins BCCI Media Rights 2018-23 for ₹6,138.1 crores

    BCCI media rights headed for a three-way fight as auction moves to day 2
  10. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio JIOFI-4 WIFI HOTSPOT Data Card

    Check JioFi Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Jio JIOFI-4 WIFI HOTSPOT Data Card - Jio : Download Speed: 150 Mbps Expandable Memory Capacity: 64 GB Call Support JIO 4G SIM SUPPORT