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  1. SVK

    Star Sports Wins BCCI Media Rights 2018-23 for ₹6,138.1 crores

    BCCI media rights headed for a three-way fight as auction moves to day 2
  2. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio JIOFI-4 WIFI HOTSPOT Data Card

    Check JioFi Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Jio JIOFI-4 WIFI HOTSPOT Data Card - Jio : Download Speed: 150 Mbps Expandable Memory Capacity: 64 GB Call Support JIO 4G SIM SUPPORT
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  4. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio Additional Data Offer on LG V30+

    Jio LG Flagship Data Offer - Get up to 150 GB Additional Jio 4G Data
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    Reliance Jio planning its own cryptocurrency called JioCoin - Livemint Reliance would get the government to make cryptocurrencies legal in India 😑
  6. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio seems to be not updating Aadhaar Number linked to mobile number when it is transferred to new owner due to inactive status

    Source unused sim. number transferred to another person. number is still linked to older aadhaar number. win win win.
  7. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio JioNet

    What is JioNet | Reliance Jio FAQs Is it possible to use two devices on JioNet at the same time | Reliance Jio FAQs Which devices can be used to access JioNet | Reliance Jio FAQs What is the speed that I can get on JioNet | Reliance Jio FAQs What is JioNet App | Reliance Jio FAQs
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    Reliance Jio additional 4G data offer on Nokia

    Jio Nokia Additional Data Offer - Get up to 100GB Additional Jio 4G Data
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    Reliance Jio Rs. 399 Plan with Diwali Cashback Offer

    Reliance Jio Rs 399 Recharge Plan: Get 100% Cashback In Jio's Latest Diwali Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer