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    Reliance JioFiber New Postpaid Plans (April 2022)
  2. sudipt123

    Reliance Jio is blocking Cloudflare Warp & NextDNS?

    Having a paid subscription to WARP+ service, strange to find JIO (both fiber and Mobile) networks have block the warp service. WARP is working on Airtel though. Have contacted support with logs. But I doubt it will be of any help. The blocking is deliberately done by JIO Source: warp...
  3. F

    Reliance Jio is now offering TP-Link JCOW402 Router

    @Roy I never mentioned wifi 6. Model no: jcow402
  4. NME9877

    Help me decide between JioFiber, Airtel & Excitel.

    Hey guys, I am currently using 1)Excitel Broadband, Not the Fiber connection tho, from the past 5 years. It has been working okay, I mean like people say, that it depends upon the local isp in your area in the case of Excitel, it works 85-90% of the time. 2) Airtel(non v-fiber connection)- I...
  5. Sachin23

    New Reliance Jio Fiber Plans with Symmetric Speeds (starts at 30mbps for Rs. 399)

    New plans launched by Jiofiber with symmetric speeds Source
  6. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio 400% Benefits Recharge Offer
  7. M

    Any alternative to Reliance JioCall?

    Hi guys, I am looking for an alternative to JioCall, as whenever i configure it, it stays offline and won't change to online no matter what I do.
  8. D

    How to unblock blocked sites?

    Prerequisite: Root | Custom ROM | DPITunnel ( zhenyolka/DPITunnel ) Steps: Part I: i. Install DPITunnel and go to settings (cog on the right hand corner). ii. In the HTTPS and HTTP section enter "40" (without quotes) into Split position. iii. Make sure 'Change HOST header' is enabled and...
  9. D

    vowifi using JioSIM in generic 4G hotspot

    Namaste. I am having a 4G hotspot (unlocked). Previously it was locked for Airtel. After unlocking I am using it with Idea SIM. My query is -- I wish to place JIO SIM in above-mentioned generic hotspot and make vowifi call by connecting Micromax Q381 3G smartphone using MyJIO App and Jio Call...
  10. spsp63

    Missed Call Alerts not coming on Reliance Jio

  11. A

    Reliance Jio Fiber ONT not able to login

    hello when I enter then trying to login using username & password which I setup the web page stays there no reaction
  12. Navjot Singh

    Tata Sky Binge+ Android TV Set-top Box launched (Rs. 2500/ Rs. 3000)

    Tata Sky Binge+ could be Airtel Xsteam Box rival coming soon
  13. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio Container for Mozilla Firefox

    Reliance Jio Container – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
  14. Dhiraj

    Reliance JioMart - Desh Ki Nayi Dukaan!

    Reliance Retail and Reliance Jio, two subsidiaries of Ambani’s Reliance Industries, said they have soft launched JioMart, their e-commerce venture that works closely with neighbourhood stores, in parts of the state of Maharashtra — Navi Mumbai, Kalyan and Thane. The e-commerce venture, which is...
  15. bigman91

    Technical Specifications of the Reliance Jio Fiber Set Top Box Model JHS D200

    I used droid Info to get the details of the Set Top Box : Device Model JHSD200 (franklin) Manufacturer Droidlogic Display Resolution 1920x1080p FHD Software density 320 xhdpi Refresh rate 50 Hz Processor Architecture ARMv7-A (32 bit ) Chipset Amlogic Cores 4 Clock...
  16. S

    Reliance Jio Fiber STB picture quality issue.

    The HD channels I am watching on Jio STB are not of HD quality. If I do a speed test on Netvelocity app then it shows 40-50 Mbps which should be enough for HD quality, however, if I do a speed test via JioPages browser or it shows the usual 95 Mbps I have no clue what...
  17. poiasd

    Disappointed with Reliance #JioFiber (as a "power user")

    It's been ~2 years now that the society where I live has had the Free Jio Fiber service, 100/100 line. Speeds are great, not just to "big players" using CDNs, but even some of my dedicated servers in EU. However, it is quite sad how they are using DPI to filter so many websites (not just pr0n...
  18. D

    Reliance Jio Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi) launched officially

    Jio Wi-Fi Calling In India At No Additional Charges - Jio Hello All, Post your experiences of Jio vowifi. Include City. Handset model Wifi isp Wifi speed Try with different wifi on another location. Thanks.
  19. Savaiva

    Reliance #JioFiber overtakes You Broaband, ACT next?

    Looks like Motabhai has overtaken You Broadband within the first month. How many months to go for ACT to be overtaken as well?
  20. cia

    Please post your ping results

    Copy-paste the following into cmd. Post the results here. These are the server IPs of Warface EU realm. The top two are in Lx, then Sg and HK. ping ping ping ping I had done this same post quite a while ago when the Gigafiber was only...
  21. A

    Reliance Jio Fiber Fixed Voice

    I have got a JioFiber connection at my home. Few weeks back, I connected my landline phone to the router and activated the Jio Fixed Voice services. I have no problem in calling(or receiving) calls from other mobile numbers. I also am able to receive calls from other landline numbers. However...
  22. NikhilS

    Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plans (Official) Source
  23. skumar840

    My Blogging website is blocked in Jio network

    I am running a blogging website MaxBoa. In which I post contents related to blogging, WordPress, AdSense, youtube. You all know that this is not an illegal content or a porn website then anyone please explain to me why Jio blocked my website. My website properly works in another network like...
  24. rameshbritto

    Questions regarding Reliance JioFiber

    I have some questions regarding Reliance JioFiber. 1)Is TV Channels coming on September 5th? 2)I filled the form for Reliance Jio.But,they havent told me that now I wont get 3 months free.So,do I need to pay 700 rs per month or not?
  25. Smh

    JIO Fiber AGM - Confirmed Updates Announcements

    Commercial launch date Speed test IPTV/Cable TV Gaming with Setup box Video call AR/VR Jio forever plan Stats
  26. Logik

    How to get around Reliance Jio GigaFiber blocking of websites?

    Alright Folks, I beleive I have figured out how JIO is blocking sites (on 4G GSM and Fiber). I have read some random comments here as to how JIO is using something strong to block stuff (and not just DNS etc). I am using linux as OS. It really can do wonders for you. I have tested this across...
  27. krishna1997

    Why is Reliance Jio laying down cables on poles instead of doing it underground?

    i find this street by street in my area
  28. dragonball

    How does Reliance Jio Fiber compare to Airtel broadband?

    I am using Airtel Fiber 40mbps 100gb per month for 500 rupees. I dont need more than 200gb data per month. Is there any advantage of switching to Jio fiber?
  29. K

    Jio GigaFiber Trick : HELP

    Hello everyone , so here is the scenario : I want to live stream game on youtube , so for that i need atleast a fiber connection . Though i live in a defense area ( gov owned ) , Here there aren't any broadband fiber connection . Infact here there isnt any broadband connection except BSNL ...
  30. sumantrab99

    Hathway Broadband is now using Reliance Jio gateway which means all Jio blocked services are now blocked on it

    I would like to request this forum's mod/admin to kindly tag this post to both Jio's and Hathway's threads, as it kind of relates to both of them. Okay, so here it is. I'll tell you exactly how it all started... Till yesterday, I was able to access all the torrent sites (link-removed, link-removed...
  31. K

    Horrible Customer Service - Internet down for 3 days and counting

    I have been using Jio gigafiber for around 1 and a half months and everything was working fine untill 22nd May Evening. Suddenly Internet Stopped working and I called up customer care and they said sorry sir it is issue in your area please wait for 4 hours. I thought ok 4 hours it is. But...
  32. Rajneesh Rana

    Jiolink password for managing CPE

    Hi, Does anyone knows the default password or way to reset the JioLink device? I tried resetting multiple time but the default username and password (administrator/password) are not working. With my latest reset now I am getting SMS alert whenever a new device connects to JioLink using wifi.
  33. M

    Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband in Hyderabad

    Jio started providing connections in our area in Hyderabad about a month back. My connection (Only Data) is working very well since then. speed is more than 90 Mbps most of the times. When the fiber cable was cut outside of our premises due to third party action (tree cutting), they replaced the...
  34. U

    Reliance Jio Fiber Routers and ONTs

    So I was right The new ONT with SD of 2500 comes with Single Band wifi (2.4Ghz). Everyone should avoid this because coverage is not good for this device. If someone wants peace of mind then he should go for ONT worth SD 4500 and for people who want to tinker around should go for ONT worth SD...
  35. SVK

    Reliance Jio has overtaken Airtel to become the second largest telecom company after Vodafone India
  36. Zacte

    Spectra performing poorly these last few months, looking for alternatives

    Spectra used to be kinda good back when I first got it, I feel like in 2016, they were pretty good, upgrading from 512kbps to 16mbps/24gb, it was a huge increase in speed for me. But my internet requirements have changed and 100mbps/150 gb is too low for me. And 1mbps after finishing the FUP is...
  37. vickyrj939

    Will Jio's ftth commercial launch be available to the small cities too ?

    Hey hi! everyone i'm from a small place where the internet provider is not available except BSNL but i have used their services which was hell waste of money then i go another one which is our local cable network who provides ftth service and they are good but the plas which they have is very...
  38. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio eSIM

    What is an eSIM | Reliance Jio FAQs How many eSIM profiles can I have in the same iPhone | Reliance Jio FAQs Regarding my eSIM on Jio, under which scenarios, should I visit the nearest Jio Store or Reliance Digital with Proof of Identity & Photograph | Reliance Jio FAQs How can I get a new...
  39. SVK

    Reliance JioPhone

    Check Reliance Jio JioPhone Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Exclusive: First look at Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone priced at Rs. 1299
  40. SVK

    Video Calling over JIO Network (not app based like Duo or WhatsApp)

    At home we have 2 Samsung A Series phones with JIO sim on both phones. Samsung has option to make Video call directly by native phone app. Last week I tried making Video call through phone app and found that Video calling experience was great. There was no video freeze or buffering and video...
  41. A

    Unable to access many websites on my Jio Fibre connection.

    Hello. I got my installation done yesterday and didn't bother checking whether everything was working properly at that time as WhatsApp and YouTube were working fine. So now when I'm trying to browse the internet, I found out that I'm unable to access almost all of the websites that I...
  42. Sub123

    WhatsApp and Messenger don't work on reduced Jio Speed?

    After my consumption of 1.5GB of data, I'm unable to receive or send messeges using WhatsApp or messenger even though I can run simple Google searches Do messages require a lot of data or is there something wrong?
  43. NikhilS

    Reliance Jio Postpaid Connection User Experiences

    Hello IBF, I just got a Jio PostPaid connection and here are the key points. 1) There is no paper-bill as of now and you will have to opt-in for the electronic bill. 2) Credit limit can be increased online after paying the amount. (Like you want to increase 1000 so you can just recharge on...
  44. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio Digital Champions Program

    Digital Champions Program
  45. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio JioInteract

    JioInteract - World’s 1’st Video Call BOT
  46. S

    BCCI News & Updates

    source: BCCI 24 hour channel SCOOP: CricketNext has managed to procure the special blueprint of the proposed 24 hr TV channel to be owned by BCCI. Enclosed is the synopsis of the findings in the classified document. DAILY PROGRAM...
  47. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio JIOFI-4 WIFI HOTSPOT Data Card

    Check JioFi Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Jio JIOFI-4 WIFI HOTSPOT Data Card - Jio : Download Speed: 150 Mbps Expandable Memory Capacity: 64 GB Call Support JIO 4G SIM SUPPORT
  48. Sushubh

    Predatory pricing by mobile service providers in India

  49. IBF


  50. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio Additional Data Offer on LG V30+

    Jio LG Flagship Data Offer - Get up to 150 GB Additional Jio 4G Data