reliance broadband

  1. A

    Broadband Services in Jaipur?

    I was using Reliance Broadband till this month but its down since the whole RCom Telecommunications closing down debacle. Now I have no internet and can't seem to find a decent service for an affordable price in Malviya Nagar Area of Jaipur. Any suggestions will be welcome. I don't want to go...
  2. V

    Reliance Broadband R500,1gbps pack

    Reliance Broadband R500,1gbps pack 100 cities Reliance Jio Fiber to provide 100GB data at 1Gbps speed for just Rs. 500
  3. S

    Complain for reliance broadband

    Hello sir, I am from bangalore. I have purchased broadband connection on January and on april we have cancelled the connection now they are asking the this month bill also. We didnt even use that connection then why should we pay for that. We are student and we can't afford that bill . we...
  4. Trese

    Is Reliance undergoing maintainance/network upgrade from last couple of days?

    Because... I've been not getting internet past 9:30 pm from last couple of days Upload speed has become abysmal!! 0.04Mb for a 2Mb dL speed! If that is not the case, then RCOM is throttling us! Which is not good. About no internet past 21:30 hr: The DSL light comes on - blinks a bit - After...
  5. Leo Kuttikadan

    Connection Cancelled

    For the last one month my broadband connection was not working due to cable cut. My customer ID is 330143544200. I used to call their customer care and checked status usually. But when I contacted customer care today this unprofessional and idiots said to cancel my connection without any shame...
  6. Sushubh

    Boing Boing is still blocked on Reliance Broadband (blames 'government rules')

    Can users on other ISPs report if they can access the website? Edward Snowden performs radical surgery on a phone to make it "go black"
  7. B

    Reliance Broadband - It Never works

    One of the worst customer service seen till date. Every month its stops working due to some reason and it takes more than a week to resolve issue, that also when you follow up 10-15 times. Whenever i complaint, they create a ticket and close it without followup, when i call them and ask why they...
  8. C

    Reliance Ultraband Broadband Launched In Mumbai

    Reliance Ultraband is a supremely fast fiber line Internet service, providing speeds upto 1 Gigabit per second. This is approximately 50 times faster than the average Internet speeds in India, and about 10 times faster than the best speeds any other ISP provides. This will enable you to download...
  9. Sushubh

    Reliance Broadband becomes useless during the evening

    This has been happening with me for a few days now. Too much packet loss starting at around 7-8pm. Stays like that till around midnight. And all of a sudden becomes great. Here is a screenshot of pings to Google at the exact moment (12:40am) when it automagically became ok: Anyone else...