reliance 3g

  1. Jasmee

    General question about 3g and Cdma rev A network

    I am presently using reliance 3g and it gives me a speed of 4 - 12 ( even more ) Mbps . So , I am pretty happy with it . But Now I have an extra datacard , so If I get another 3g reliance sim and I bridge these connection , will I get double the speed i.e. is 8 - 24 mbps or speed will be halved...
  2. Raju ram din

    Reliance 3G Prepaid has some amazing offers for data plans

    So i bought new prepaid connection loaded with 6 gb of 3g data (2+2+2) for first 90 days. I paid rs 290 and speeds averages around 2.7 mbps downstream and 1.3mbps upstream. I bet you cannot find 3g chepaer than this.... 96 rs per month ....i remeber i use to pay 98 rs for 2g data few years...