1. fresblush

    BSNL Charged Double on monthly payment of bill.

    Hey Guys Need Some Help, I was on promotional plan 491 for 6 months for new connection , which ended on 30/4/2019, so I changed my plan 30th itself, to 675 plan, but BSNL charged me RS 1250.00 which suppose to be near RS 900, what should i do guys. I have attached Summary of Charges.
  2. A

    updated my plan speedtest

    I just change my plan 100 Mbps speed hear is the speedtest Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
  3. -=[RedAlerT]=-

    i-ON 1Gbps Plan Review

    Broadband: i-ON Broadband (formerly DVoiS-SSV) Plan: 1Gbps|200GB FUP|30 Days Rental: Rs.999/month (Inclusive of taxes) Location: Mumbai They have mentioned that the speeds would be upto 1Gbps. Speedtest Results: Mumbai: Update: (Tested on my Work PC and results are good. Seems like my...
  4. Abhijith Mukundan

    Best ISP in Trivandrum,Kerala

  5. husaintaherali

    BSNL 3g Truly unlimted plan Enquiry

    Hi, guys. I just found out about bsnl 3g 1099 offer. Is it truly unlimited? And whats the lowest and highest download speed(divided by 8,of course) u getting? I live in pune (Maharashtra) and burhanpur (Madhya pradesh). Will i be able to get this 1099 unlimited plan in both places? I also...
  6. V

    What is a mobile balance (pre paid mobile BSNL)?

    A basic question: what exactly is a mobile balance. I got a pre-paid mobile connection recently. I paid Rs:87 to extend my validity (BSNL APOORVA scheme) it was expiring in 8/11/2016 but it's been extended till 2017. However the amount did not credit to my balance. I called up BSNL support -...
  7. kiranpdm

    Railwire Broadband: New cheaper plans with more bandwidth

    I was using 1099 plan 10mbps till 40gb and 1mbps after that, which costs Rs.1258 including taxes. Yesterday I logged into my account through railwire portal Login Page - Railwire Billing and now it shows as folllowing in railwire account details, Plan FUP10Mbps_60GB Plan fee 1143.86 I called...