1. Navjot Singh

    Paytm to launch Credit Cards
  2. Sushubh

    Paytm Marvel Movie Pass

    Paytm Marvel Movie Pass
  3. Sushubh

    Paytm Mutual Funds

    Paytm to enter mutual fund industry with a new app - Livemint
  4. Sushubh

    Paytm Movie Pass

    Movie Pass Different T&C for different cities I believe.
  5. Sushubh

    Money added to Paytm using credit card now goes to Paytm Gift Vouchers instead of Paytm Wallet (Rolled back?)

    Not sure when this started happening. But this money could not be transferred to another Paytm user. Now I can understand that this money should go to gift vouchers section for the person receiving it. But I should be able to do whatever I want to do with it right? Anyhow. Why would I use...
  6. Sushubh

    Paytm for Business

    Introducing the Paytm for Business App – Paytm Blog
  7. Sushubh

    Paytm Money

    We have set up Paytm Money to focus on Investment and Wealth Management
  8. Sushubh

    Paytm Payments Bank Linked Fixed Deposits

    Paytm Payments Bank customers can avail high-returns for linked Fixed Deposits
  9. Sushubh

    Paytm Payments Bank seems to be down for many days now?

    Source from the looks of it, you cannot access your passbook/transactions and upi is either completely down or super unreliable.
  10. Sushubh

    Paytm Loyalty Points is now Paytm Cash

    You cannot transfer them to bank account or other Paytm users. But it seems you can still pay using them which is kind of confusing. Paytm cashbacks are now Loyalty Points! : india
  11. Sushubh

    Paytm is now offering a unified QR Code that support both Paytm Wallet and UPI BHIM

  12. Sushubh

    Paytm Bhim UPI

  13. IBF

    Paytm now lets you pay credit card bills for some banks

  14. Sushubh

    Paytm Inbox

    This should have been a part of the app years ago.
  15. IBF

    Paying toll tax using Paytm Wallet

  16. IBF

    Paytm Water Bill Payment Support

  17. IBF

    Paytm Post Cards

  18. Sushubh

    Paytm Messenger?

    Paytm plans to launch messaging service to rival WhatsApp | tech | Hindustan Times
  19. IBF

    Paytm now support payments for electricity bills in apartments

  20. IBF

    Paytm Food Wallet

  21. Sushubh

    Paytm app has added a shortcut that takes you directly to payment page

    This is not available through app shortcut which is a shame. There is a Paytm widget which I could not get to work. As soon as I drop it, it opens the app instead of dropping the shortcut on the home screen. I got this shortcut from the context menu on the payment page.
  22. Sushubh

    Paytm Wallet now has insurance cover

    Paytm offers insurance cover for your wallet money - The Economic Times
  23. Sushubh

    Paytm has added a 2% fee on funds added to wallet using credit card (CANCELED!)

    they claim this is to stop abuse. Announcing few changes in Paytm Wallet I am not sure what a discount coupon means here. PS: Based on a comment made by a user later in this thread... If you use a virtual card paid using debit card, it is still considered as credit card so you are still...
  24. IBF

    Paytm Mall Deals, Offers & Discount Coupons

    Mall & Bazaar- Online Shopping - Android Apps on Google Play Maha Bazaar Sale – Get upto 80% off + Extra Cashback
  25. Sushubh

    Paytm now support Aadhaar-based eKYC

  26. Sushubh

    Paytm E-Commerce

    Alibaba to lead $200 million investment into Paytm’s online marketplace Paytm without the wallet and payments bank part.
  27. Sushubh

    Paytm: The Big Electronics Bazaar

    Paytm: The Big Electronics Bazaar
  28. Sushubh

    How to completely and properly shut down Paytm Wallet account?

    Paytm continues to send me automated responses. Right now, trying their call center number to see if that helps. Has anyone here successfully shut down their Paytm account?
  29. Sushubh

    Paytm is actually running a Each One, Teach One campaign

    No seriously. Source
  30. Sushubh

    Paytm Wallet Security Details

    Source It's cool that they have an option to change the number connected with your wallet. payumoney told me it was not possible.
  31. Sushubh

    Paytm would soon support accepting payments through UPI

    I wonder if topping up wallet would also offer this feature.
  32. Sushubh

    Paytm Payment using Code

    Saw a new way to make a payment using Paytm at Bata today. Mother Dairy uses qr code that you have to scan. 98.4 sends you a sms with otp. Bata uses a different mechanism that is quite confusing to be honest. The guy entered my mobile number in his payment system. He told me that I would need to...
  33. Sushubh

    Paytm now lets you pay Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) Bills

    It's not working for me though. They are not accepting the recently issued account numbers. Older numbers are showcasing bill amount from 2015. If anyone can test it for me, that would be great.
  34. Sushubh

    Cash is better than digital payments

    Because if it is in your hands, you know it is there and it would work. Today I could not even buy eggs because Paytm just refused to work at Mother Dairy.
  35. DrStr@ng€

    mVisa to take on PAYTM

    With no need of adding money to any wallet. Do you think it will give competition to PAYTM?
  36. LordSpymaster

    SBI's UPI app doesn't work on rooted devices

    So here is the link to their app for android: SBI Pay - Android Apps on Google Play On downloading & launching on a rooted device, this is the message: But the Rook Cloak module for xposed works & I am able to log in and create the account: Account creation & mpin setting works fine, I...
  37. Sushubh

    Paytm: The Big Cashback Sale

    Paytm: The Big Cashback Sale
  38. IBF

    Paytm Seller Services

  39. Sushubh

    Paytm charging 4% for transferring funds from Wallet to Bank

    Now Transfer Money from Paytm to your Bank Account at a Flat Fee of 1% by #PaytmKaro - They should have kept a higher limit on charges. But I guess it's time to monetize the platform.
  40. IBF

    ATM nahi, Paytm Karo!

  41. Sushubh

    Paytm Gold

    Paytm Digital Gold
  42. Sushubh

    Paytm Wallet: Looks like you can add cash to wallet at ICICI Bank and Axis Bank branches

  43. IBF

    IndusInd Bank

  44. Sushubh

    Paytm and TATA AIG General Insurance offering insurance solutions to auto and cab drivers

    Paytm Auto and Cab partners drive away worries with free health insurance
  45. Sushubh

    Bharat Gas now support Paytm for payments

    Bharat Gas goes cashless with Paytm. How do you live the smell of that cooking?
  46. Sushubh

    Paytm now using Aadhaar-based eKYC

    The Paytm KYC Process is now instant and fully digital
  47. Sushubh

    Paytm Maha Bazaar Sale

    Paytm Maha Bazaar Sale
  48. Sushubh

    Renault KWID can now be booked on Paytm

    Renault KWID can now be booked on Paytm
  49. Sushubh

    Paytm blog post on network neutrality and free data

    Paytm’s view on Free Data. Is there any consultation going on about this topic by TRAI? This blog post came out of nowhere!