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  1. A

    IPv6 being issued by BSNL Broadband!

    It was yesterday when connection dropped I asked for @abbyck help. That's when he told me there is ipv6 enabled on my connection. Do please and check and report from your routers.. 👍 Using bsnl ftth in kerala circle.
  2. E

    How to sideload apps on Reliance Jio Fiber Android set-top box?

    Got my STB today, tried to install jio tv apk but it seems like the box is locked or whatever i am not able to enable the "unknown sources" thing in the settings.
  3. mayank yadav

    Reliance Jio Fiber Wi-Fi Mesh

    Found this in FAQ, is this something new? What is the Wi-Fi coverage provided by JioExtend devices? JioExtend consists of a pair of devices which help in strengthening the internet connectivity of a premises by extending the connectivity even to the remote corners where the WiFi signal from...
  4. I

    Airtel is shutting down 3G around the country
  5. Sushubh

    Cloudflare Warp+ (Windows and MacOS apps are out!) ---------------------------- Cloudflare has launched VPN for mobile devices. Does not seem to be for computers. Does not look like an April Fool's thing. Introducing Cloudflare Warp: Hide Behind The Edge
  6. Raj

    Carrier Aggregation on Airtel 4G LTE

    Just checked today. Airtel started using 20 + 10 Mhz of Band 40(2300 Mhz) CA in Chennai. Speed was a bit low, maybe because of peak time. Can able to hit 25 Mbps.
  7. nitinmits

    Carrier Aggregation on Reliance Jio 4G LTE

    Friends JIO also started carrier aggregation. Found this on net. If you have Samsung phone, you can check by dialling *#0011# and going into the MENU. Please comment in your area about CA status. -- dead tinypic image removed -- -- dead tinypic image removed --

    BSNL is inserting ads in websites, sending their users to malware sites through malware code injection

    Well, BSNL has started injecting ads above webpage. It shows up in the bottom right corner and is not related to website or browser. I'm using adblocker but it doesn't help to disable/remove this ad. The ad shows up once the internet is connected and doesn't show again until ip or modem is...
  9. Sushubh

    Telegram Updates (Now import chats from WhatsApp) They promise to provide a secure instant messaging platform.
  10. Sushubh

    How to get High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) and color fuel stickers in India? Apparently they are mandatory in metro cities now? I have not heard much about them but this looks like another major scam in the making. You cannot get a number plate made from a local car accessories shop now? What exactly is in the number...