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  1. JB701

    Mac Binding on Excitel Fiber ONUs

    they gave me this fancy AC ONT even though I only paid 750. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to bridge this. Model: DBC BC-323DAC-HGX First of all Bridge option is grayed out in WebUi and I had to change it using Inspect Element. But then, when I cloned the MAC of this to my PFSense...
  2. royalroy

    Evading DNS interception

    I raised a ticket with Alliance broadband for stopping their DNS interception. Alliance forces you to use their own DNS and only allows in addition. So, you cannot use opendns or The technician, who called me was clueless. He told this shouldn't happen. After I showed him on...
  3. Navjot Singh

    Mandatory to add 0 before mobile number while calling from landline phones from January 15 2021
  4. IBF

    Aliexpress banned in India

    Guys this is the first time I have bought something from the Aliexpress (direct shipping from china). Can you please let me know the answers for the following...
  5. J

    Is there a fair usage policy on Excitel Broadband?

    Already crossed 1TB mark, waiting to see how it goes from here
  6. Navjot Singh

    Google Docs, Sheets and Slides will count towards storage limit from June 1, 2021
  7. Navjot Singh

    Google Photos is ending its Unlimited Free Storage from June 1, 2021
  8. Sushubh

    Finance Minister direct banks to issue Rupay based cards first
  9. Samuel

    BigBasket Data Breach
  10. Navjot Singh

    No VoWifi on 399 airtel Postpaid plan?

    Saw this interesting bit on their TOS page I wonder if 399 postpaid users do get VoWifi service or not? Can anyone confirm?