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    Amazon Fire Stick Hotspot - New ISP in town

    Amazon has started rolling out its new ISP venture. This is starting to roll out in areas of Mumbai primarily between Malad and Bhayander. It is fibre to premises and copper to home. The only plan that they are offering is a 3 month for 1500. It includes unlimited [email protected], a free fire...
  2. Sushubh

    The Pandora Papers
  3. J

    Python script for finding blocked sites on Indian ISPs If you want to see which major sites are blocked on your ISP, you can use this script Feel free to run the script and share the output here. I have added a new method of changing SNI on SSL to check blocked sites. It doesn't require the site to...
  4. Navjot Singh

    Amazon Launches Prime Video Channels In India
  5. Sushubh

    Excitel is blocking Telegram and all its web clients?

    The blog was accessible when the latest update was released just a few days ago. But right now everything is blocked in browser. webk, webz, main domain. Desktop client works though. Crazy.
  6. Sushubh

    Telecom Reforms 2021

    Source A lot of aadhaar in here.
  7. Sushubh

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max Rs. 6499
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    Upgrading to 1GBps Plan and Offer (TataSky Broadband)

    I am upgrading to TataSky Broadband 1 Gbps plan. Ideally it costs ₹42,480 for 12 months. But for 2 days they are doing a Janmashtami discount offer where a random percentage of discount is applied ranging from 10% to 100%. I thought I would try my luck as minimum 10% is assured. But to my...
  9. VinayakaSP

    Reliance Jio Fiber is no longer connecting to Azure DBs (Blocked Port 1433)

    I have JioFiber connection from previous 1 year. It was smooth until today when I suddenly started facing issues in my work. Due to WFH, I need to connect to Microsoft Azure cloud DBs very often and use them during software development. It was shocking to me this morning when I was unable to...
  10. Y

    This is how to fix VoWiFi Calling and JioJoin with custom DNS on Reliance Jio

    Hi everyone, I noticed lot of people are facing issues with VoWiFi and not being able to use JioCall with custom DNS. Both of these issues are resolved with a properly configured custom DNS server. Here are the steps involved: 1. Sign up for an account on NextDNS 2.1 Create a profile and go...
  11. Z

    Airtel Switching to CG-NAT ?

    Hey folks, I recently got Airtel Xteme fiber connection about 4 months ago, it worked flawlessly, i even changed my plan from 100 mbps to 200. But since last week i noticed that my NAS server stopped working, i poked around and noticed none of my port forwards were working even games showed...
  12. Sushubh

    The Project Pegasus

    Looks like this was it.
  13. P

    Vi Stops Offering 100 SMS /Day In Combo Prepaid Plans

    Vi (as with Airtel) has stopped offering free 100 SMS /day to users of Combo prepaid plans. Unlimited Plans continue offering 100 SMS /day as before. Unlike Airtel, Vi clearly highlights this for users. Airtel has just removed the 'detail' from the plan information.
  14. P

    Airtel Stops Offering 100 SMS /Day In Smart Recharge Prepaid Plans

    Airtel has stopped offering free 100 SMS /day in Smart Recharge plans. Now 100 SMS /day are available only in Unlimited plans.
  15. B

    Hidden unknown SSID injected by Airtel in AOT-4221SR modem

    I found Airtel is injecting an unknown SSID at least in mine and in my neighborhood using a custom firmware in AOT-4221SR modem. I complaint about it to local support but they do not understand it or bother to understand it. Here is the details: When they install a router they provide you...
  16. S

    Airtel Xstream Broadband has switched to CG Nat

    Hi, I noticed that the PPPOE IP Address picked up by my ASUS Router which is connected to the Nokia G-2425G-A Fiber Modem in Bridge mode is no longer public The IP Address aquired by the ASUS Router is not of the private range though - 100.65.189.XXX When I check this IP address with...
  17. Sushubh

    National Helpline to Report Cyber Fraud 155260
  18. geek

    Reliance Jio Postpaid Plans (June 2021) So the free trial period thing is over ?!?
  19. Sushubh

    Novavax (Covovax)
  20. V

    AdGuard Home vs Pi-hole

    I am trying to evaluate AdGuard home as replacement for pi-hole. Have few queries 1) Does AdGuard block https ads? Pi-hole does not have this capability, need to install additional software line pixelserv-tls. 2) Does AdGuard support a recursive DNS server like unbound? 3) Custom page for the...
  21. itzmynet

    Reliance Jio freedom from daily data limit plans (June 2021)
  22. Sushubh

    State of the Nation
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  24. Navjot Singh

    India might not vaccinate people who recovered from Covid-19 Time to forget about the concept of vaccination. Vaccination is a construct. An illusion. And Indians need to rise above these false concepts.
  25. Sushubh

    🏧 ATM Usage charges hiked (over free limit) (June 2021)

  26. Navjot Singh

    Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine

    The 99.999% article is here.
  27. Jay

    Cowin database hacked? Data on sale?

  28. Sushubh

  29. B

    How to connect a Bluetooth device to Reliance Jio STB?

    Source Follow the instructions some time u might need to click "version number" rather than your phone to start searching for devices.
  30. Sushubh

    Corbevax (Biological-E Vaccine)
  31. T

    New MTNL Fiber Broadband Plans (June 2021)

    The self-care portal is showing upgraded fup of 3900 GB on my plan. Earlier fup was 1000 GB. Main site not yet update. Hope they upgrade speeds tomorrow as well. Self-care portal now has banners "Ab Speed bhi aur dam dar bla bla" Seems like asleep giant dwarf has finally woken. I am wondering...
  32. Sushubh

    How much of your money deposited in banks is insured?
  33. Sushubh

  34. Navjot Singh

    Google Play Store and Youtube will stop new recurring subscriptions thanks to RBI
  35. Sushubh

    COVID-19 Resources

    If anyone is looking for a good organization to donate. please do verify before donating. This is a pretty comprehensive list which should include all I already mentioned in this post: ONGOING FUNDRAISERS RELATED TO COVID-19 DISTRESS THAT NEED SUPPORT - Google Docs Donate Now – Hemkunt...
  36. Sushubh

    Donate for Covid-19 Relief

    If anyone is looking for a good organization to donate. please do verify before donating. This is a pretty comprehensive list which should include all I already mentioned in this post: ONGOING FUNDRAISERS RELATED TO COVID-19 DISTRESS THAT NEED SUPPORT - Google Docs Donate Now – Hemkunt...
  37. Bulletstorm

    Abysmal Torrent Speed on Excitel Broadband

    Is Excitel block Torrents? Iam not able to connect anny seeder on any torrent from past 1 week. diable firewall but same problem. Contact CC & got a pathetic answer....we provide peering on youtube blah blah and put my complaint on hold :(
  38. Mickey7

    Airtel has removed all Sony channels from Xstream app & Xstream web

    So I noticed the recent changes in the Airtel Xsteam app & Xstream web where none of the Sony channels are available. First, they removed all Star channels, and now this. Don't know what Airtel is planning to do but this is certainly not a positive sign.
  39. royalroy

    Facebook Data Breach

    Another leak from Facebook. The leak has phone numbers, email IDs, location and other personal details. Unlike Mobikwik, Facebook has accepted that the data have been leaked...
  40. Nishant

    Mobikwik Data Breach - The Biggest KYC Data Leak

    Source Onion link if anyone wants to check. Takes time and multiple tries to load. http://mobikwikoonux37wauz6oqymshuvebj5u763rutlogc2fb2o3ugcazid.onion/
  41. pranav sharma

    Airtel new router: Sercomm AOT-4221SR

    now airtel is providing new router , black one with no antennas with their own branding like jio, Sercomm brand AOT-4221SR model no this is having airtel software in, any info needed tell me . Wifi range is also good ...
  42. R

    Airtel has launched coverage + pod mesh routers for 999 and above plan users

    Airtel is now providing new router pods as add ons to plans costing rs999 and above. 2 pods cost is rs3999 and if you want to add more pods then each cost rs2499 these seems to be mesh routers
  43. jakstat77

    How to put Excitel provided OptiLink ONT Router in bridge mode?

    How to put Excitel provided Rs2000 ONT Router (OptiLink) in bridge mode. I want to make TPLink Archer A6 as my main router. Here is the model and firmware if anyone to do it.. plz help.. Also can it be done without the help of LCO? Device model OP-XONT71110AC Hardware...
  44. F

    Smartphone battery drain on Nokia 2425G router

    Hello All, I have installed Airtel Xstream broadband 3 months back and was provided a Nokia ONT 2425G. The range of the router is great compared to my previous TP Link (single band Wifi) router. However I am facing a weird issue which I have managed to locate in only one other thread here. Any...

    BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband Plans (March 2021)

    Revised Plans - Source -
  46. itzmynet

    Airtel - The 5G Ready Network

    Source Source
  47. Navjot Singh

    Airtel XStream 3999 plan will come with a complimentary 1GBps Wifi Router
  48. Sachin23

    Spectrum Auction 2021

    Bidding for spectrum auction to finally start from March 1, 2021. Finally we can expect some good speeds from Jio!
  49. G

    Airtel is rolling out IPv6 on their wired broadband services

    I am getting public ipv6 from today. About 8 to 9 of devices are getting ipv6 IPs
  50. Navjot Singh

    Reliance Jio to non-Jio network calls are free from January 1, 2021

    Source: Trai will scrap IUC from Jan 1 and hence Jio to non-jio calls will now be totally free.