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  1. havoc

    Vi allowing prepaid to postpaid conversion through OTP without sim change Vi is the best ❤️. Now we don't need sim replacement or have to go to store. We can convert our number to postpaid/prepaid with single click of a button and it will automatically be done between 10 PM - 12 AM same day if done before 6 PM. Best service from Vi...
  2. L

    Reliance Jio Mobile Independence Day Plans 2022
  3. havoc

    5G in India : The Race

    Let's see who brings 5G first to majority of their customers in wider part of out country. Not just metro areas first!!!
  4. AgentDarkFury

    Discord connectivity issues on BSNL Broadband

    discord app will take forever to load when using bsnl ftth, both PC and the Mobile app is affected i've been facing this problem for a day now, is it happening to anybody else?
  5. Navjot Singh

    MTNL Delhi introduces FTH-444 promotional plan
  6. Navjot Singh

    MTNL Delhi Revised FTTH Plans (July 2022) I guess the Download and upload speed row hasn't been updated.
  7. Bluegix

    Internet speed, 2.4/5 GHz bands, router recommendation

    I am new to broadband (only 6 months) and my local ISP (fiber internet connection of 100 Mbps) provided me with this syrotech single band router. This is the router position in my home, currently it is in the hall (on top of the TV unit) and it is almost centre to the building width. My...
  8. Lolita_Magnum

    Excitel Mumbai Review

    Still under update! DONT BUY THIS :) Think this might be important to see first. I'll keep this as in-depth as possible and if there is something I am missing or you would like to see, do comment below. First Question, how are they providing service in this section? It seems they have put...
  9. nishantt6969

    High page load time on Airtel Broadband

    While browsing through the forum or on the internet, the pages on my Airtel fiber loads slower than Jio Fiber, in jio its like a click and page is loaded already whereas in airtel, it takes time. I have static IP and my gateway is Delhi, whereas I am situated 600Kms away from Delhi. Please tell...
  10. havoc

    Excitel dumping 100mbps plan. Upgrading existing plans to 200/300/400mbps

    Hello Guys, I'm using Excitel from Jaipur & as seen in previous thread of excitel 500 & 1Gbps discussion someone has pointed out that Mumbai has got 200,300 & 400 Mbps plans. Just out of curiosity I checked my internet speed (My plan - Excitel fiber 300 Mbps 12 Months Jaipur) And Bang 💣 My...
  11. havoc

    Excitel launched 400 Mbps Plans in more cities

    Finally after banging my head a lot + checking website and app daily... after few weeks finally got 400 Mbps plans in Jaipur 🔥 Along with 300 Mbps OTT plans for multi & single month plans. Excitel is rocking 🔥🔥🔥 Let me know if you...
  12. Luffy

    NAT type failed suddenly in playstation

    Since 5th June 9:00 pm, I'm having issue connecting to any multiplayer online games on PS5 due to NAT Type being failed with Airtel Xstream fiber. I tried a different connection(My mobile data) and it works fine. I have the Nokia G-140W-F modem. The issue arose suddenly, so I'm not sure what...
  13. Navjot Singh

    Airtel Xstream Broadband launches All in One TV plans
  14. Samuel

  15. M

    Apple would no longer accept credit & debit cards for purchases or subscriptions on the App Store in India

    Honestly, this is the worst move of all by RBI. Card tokenization is still understandable. But this single handedly broke everything.
  16. minuteman

    India Orders VPN Companies to Collect and Hand Over User Data
  17. I

    Reliance JioFiber New Postpaid Plans (April 2022)
  18. Sushubh

    Excitel launches in Mumbai (400mbps plans available)
  19. minuteman

    Subscribers won't be charged for USSD for Mobile Banking & Payment Service - TRAI
  20. L

    VLC media player website blocked on many ISPs in India

    Is blocked for you guys? I can't access it and there's a month old thread about it on reddit.
  21. S

    Selfcare Google Login Disappeared

    Anyone else facing the same issue ? Unable to login to Selfcare the login via Google has disappeared.
  22. itzmynet

    Airtel 4G Prepaid Plan ₹319 - 2GB/day - UL Calls - 1 Month validity

    Airtel 4G Prepaid Plan ₹319 UL Calls 2GB/day 1 Month validity
  23. itzmynet

    Airtel 4G Prepaid Plan ₹296 - 25GB - UL Calls - 30days

    Airtel 4G Prepaid Plan ₹296 UL Calls 25GB 30 days
  24. SVK

    Reliance Jio Rs 259 Calendar Month Validity Prepaid Plan They should also launch smaller plan around 125~150 with monthly data validity like 2-3 GB, and similar calling/message limit.
  25. Samuel

    Best Burgers in Delhi/NCR?

    I was doing research about the best burger places in Delhi, so thought I should ask you guys and take your input. While people in Bangalore have Popeyes, I wonder if we have anything closer to it here in Delhi or NCR.
  26. Maxx_369

    Nokia G-2425G-A - Unlock/Root ~ Step by Step detailed guide

    Disclaimer : I'm not responsible if you brick your router in-between the process. 1. Open in any browser default username password both is admin 2. Go to Maintenance->backup and restore->export config file on your desktop it will be saved as config.cfg 3. Download & install python...
  27. sultanoffire

    Reliance Jio Wifi Mesh Extender Power LED orange light

    My Jio Mesh Extender all of a sudden isn't connecting, and just shows orange light for power. Anyone experienced something similar?
  28. Sushubh

    Airtel Xstream Premium
  29. I

    Fastmail completely inaccessible from Airtel 4G since last few days

    Hey, Is's web interface, SMTP, IMAP working for anyone here on Airtel 4G? Ping to's addresses shows 100% packet loss. SMTP/IMAP and other services are also not working. I initially thought that maybe there is something weird in my setup but I can't reach...
  30. Sushubh

    KYC Scam Texts

    So this has become quite frequent. Is trai offering a reporting platform for these? Dnd app has stopped processing spam texts again. Calls haven't worked for me for ages now. This is more serious than just plain spam.
  31. tatyasky

    Reliance Jio is blocking PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN

    Now WARP+ and PIA VPN apps have stopped connecting from my iPhone. We are entering China level of censoring. Dark days ahead.
  32. minuteman

    TRAI issues new guidelines for telcos on recharge vouchers of 30-day validity
  33. H

    OpenWRT compatible router in 2022

    I am looking for a new router that is OpenWRT compatible and has good WiFi range. Initially I was considering TP-Link Archer A7, but it has a single core CPU and also seems outdated being launched a number of years ago. Now Archer A6 V3 also seems to supported by OpenWRT now. It is dual core...
  34. Sushubh

    Google killing free legacy Google Apps accounts on May 1, 2022
  35. D

    Migration to eSIM

    Hey guys! To everyone who is using an eSIM, how has your experience been? Have you noticed any differences after the switch? Also, if I understand it right, formatting a device should preserve the eSIM right? I am contemplating switching. Thanks!
  36. P

    Tata Sky rebranding to Tata Play

    Tata Sky DTH is rebranding to Tata Play. Don't know if it is limited to just DTH or will include their FTTH broadband as well.
  37. angad_singh

    Unable to add smartbytes! 404

    I’ve been using airtel broadband forever. This month my 3333 GB FUP limit got hit due to some cloud backups but i wasnt too worried as i was always able to add smartbytes to carry me over to the next billing cycle. for the first time ever - the smartbytes page just doesnt open for my account -...
  38. armaan_99

    New FTTH BSNL Superstar Premium Plus Plan

    BSNL launching new plan Superstar Premium Plus with Hotstar & 8 other OTT apps, basically they are merging Superstar and Premium plan. Cost of the plan will be 999/- with 2000GB data with 150 Mbps speed. Other Superstar and Premium plans are expected to be discontinued for new connections.
  39. A

    ACT Fibernet providing native IPv6 in Hyderabad

    ping Pinging [2404:6800:4007:818::2003] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from 2404:6800:4007:818::2003: time=33ms Reply from 2404:6800:4007:818::2003: time=30ms Reply from 2404:6800:4007:818::2003: time=31ms Reply from 2404:6800:4007:818::2003: time=30ms Ping statistics...
  40. namanchhabra

    A funny (expensive) turn of events.

    Hi peeps, I never wanted my first post ranting about BSNL's poor service, that on New Years Eve. I have been using BSNL for about last 7 years. Previously ADSL and now Fiber. In my line of work, Internet is the only tool that is used, without it Its just nil. When I relocated to a remote...
  41. MadAxe

    Reliance Jio starts charging Retention Charges for Inactive Numbers

  42. itachi

    Solution : How to avoid getting malware ads from BSNL

    Please contact your lco and report the issue and ask him for the number of bsnl technical team. There is a technical team in every major city. I expected them to talk in malayalam since I am from Kerala but they only speak in English or Hindi so I think perhaps the calls to that number is routed...
  43. mreccentric

    BSNL 3G/4G Data Usage

    I'm looking for a way to check mobile data usage on an app such as Airtel Thanks. I tried My BSNL app, but it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone say how i can check data usage of BSNL Cellular Connection on any app? Well, though they market as 4G, i doubt whether their network is 4G enabled.
  44. sudipt123

    Reliance Jio is blocking Cloudflare Warp & NextDNS?

    Having a paid subscription to WARP+ service, strange to find JIO (both fiber and Mobile) networks have block the warp service. WARP is working on Airtel though. Have contacted support with logs. But I doubt it will be of any help. The blocking is deliberately done by JIO Source: warp...
  45. swatkats

    Act fibernet launches - 1Gbps in Delhi at ₹1999 (3.3TB)
  46. itachi

    Reliance Jio to hike Tarriff on Prepaid Plans from 1 December 2021

    jio: Jio announces up to 21% hike in tariffs from Dec 1 - Times of India
  47. S

    Vodafone to raise prepaid tarriff from 25 November, 2021 VI'S NEW PREPAID TARIFFS: Current Price (Rs) Validity New Price (Rs) Benefits Tariff Voice Plan 79 28 Days 99 99 worth Talktime + 200 MB + 1p/sec Voice Tariff...
  48. L

    Is 2 rupees every 3 days extension still a thing?

    During the pandemic, Bsnl introduced auto validity extension in that it would take 2 rupees every 3 daus from the main balance to keep the sim going. So it would be 20 rs every month. Can someone who uses a BSNL sim confirm if this is still a thing or if it has been stopped? Also, if I port...
  49. Navjot Singh

    Airtel Prepaid Tarriff will be hiked from 26 November, 2021

    Current Price (Rs. ) New Price (Rs. ) Validity Benefits 79 99 28 Days 50 percent more talk time of Rs. 99, 200MB data. 1paise/sec voice tariff 149 179 28 Days Unlimited calling, 100 SMS/ day, 2GB data 219 265 28 days Unlimited calling, 100 SMS/ day, 1GB/ day data 249 299 28 Days...
  50. T

    ACT offering unlimited data and 500 Mbps speed boost for Diwali