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  1. royalroy

    Facebook Data Breach

    Another leak from Facebook. The leak has phone numbers, email IDs, location and other personal details. Unlike Mobikwik, Facebook has accepted that the data have been leaked...
  2. Nishant

    Mobikwik Data Breach - The Biggest KYC Data Leak

    Source Onion link if anyone wants to check. Takes time and multiple tries to load. http://mobikwikoonux37wauz6oqymshuvebj5u763rutlogc2fb2o3ugcazid.onion/
  3. pranav sharma

    Airtel new router: Sercomm AOT-4221SR

    now airtel is providing new router , black one with no antennas with their own branding like jio, Sercomm brand AOT-4221SR model no this is having airtel software in, any info needed tell me . Wifi range is also good ...
  4. R

    Airtel has launched coverage + pod mesh routers for 999 and above plan users

    Airtel is now providing new router pods as add ons to plans costing rs999 and above. 2 pods cost is rs3999 and if you want to add more pods then each cost rs2499 these seems to be mesh routers
  5. jakstat77

    How to put Excitel provided OptiLink ONT Router in bridge mode?

    How to put Excitel provided Rs2000 ONT Router (OptiLink) in bridge mode. I want to make TPLink Archer A6 as my main router. Here is the model and firmware if anyone to do it.. plz help.. Also can it be done without the help of LCO? Device model OP-XONT71110AC Hardware...
  6. F

    Smartphone battery drain on Nokia 2425G router

    Hello All, I have installed Airtel Xstream broadband 3 months back and was provided a Nokia ONT 2425G. The range of the router is great compared to my previous TP Link (single band Wifi) router. However I am facing a weird issue which I have managed to locate in only one other thread here. Any...

    BSNL reformulates Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband Plans across all telecom circles from 1st March 2021 onwards

    Revised Plans - Source -
  8. itzmynet

    Airtel - The 5G Ready Network

    Source Source
  9. Navjot Singh

    Airtel XStream 3999 plan will come with a complimentary 1GBps Wifi Router
  10. Sachin23

    Spectrum Auction 2021

    Bidding for spectrum auction to finally start from March 1, 2021. Finally we can expect some good speeds from Jio!