nokia g-140w-f

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    Nokia G-140w-F can it be used as router ? Connected to LAN of syrotech ont

    I have Nokia G-140w-F using it as access point connected with syrotech ont, DHCP is disabled ip is being assigned by syrotech ont's DHCP server. Is it possible to use Nokia ont as router putting Syrotech ont in Bridge Mode. (Ont's doesn't have configuration for PPPoe registration acting as...
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    Nokia G-140W-F bridge mode?

    Hello, I had my connection changed from DSL to FTTH and Airtel gave me a Nokia router. The model comes with the following WAN config, Under WAN settings I created a new connection with IPOE mode and same VLAN 100, Also I changed the port 4 to Bridge mode. The router restarts at this...