need help

  1. jtnrao7

    BSNL 16 Mbps plan.

    I want to take BSNL 16 Mbps. But I don't know how much speed I can get based on my attenuation and SNR margin. Can someone please help me. My attenuation is 22.5 dB and SNR margin is 29.9 dB Image: Screenshot
  2. R

    ACT Complaint

    Hi Team, I am Ravi from Srinagar, Visakhapatnam. I have 2 internet connections, One is BSNL and other is ACT. My ACT connection is really slow, when i play videos, it buffers however when i check the speed test of this net it shows 10Mbps . i wonder how it is possible when the net speed is 10...
  3. Kartiksaini

    need help I'm facing speed issues since 11August ...999rs plan and speed only 800kbps

    That time 999 plan is running in my bsnl broadband I'm only get 800kbps speed but as the plan show speed 4mbps upto 8gb but I'm not getting even 1mbps when I complain then they said my 8gb limit is cross okay but now 3 days ago I upgrade it and buy 10gb in 300 because customers care employees...