1. Sushil

    Worst internet service in Kalyan Dombivali area

    This is a worst provider in Kalyan area (Mumbai Region). For 50 Mbps plan paying around 1000 Rs. on an average. Every Saturday Sunday there internet is down for whole day. Also the technical team in Kalyan is worst. In Mumbai City area this is best internet service provider but in in Kalyan...
  2. Sushubh

    Mumbai River Anthem

    Source I won't even.
  3. -=[RedAlerT]=-

    i-ON 1Gbps Plan Review

    Broadband: i-ON Broadband (formerly DVoiS-SSV) Plan: 1Gbps|200GB FUP|30 Days Rental: Rs.999/month (Inclusive of taxes) Location: Mumbai They have mentioned that the speeds would be upto 1Gbps. Speedtest Results: Mumbai: Update: (Tested on my Work PC and results are good. Seems like my...
  4. Sushubh

    Mumbai allow 24x7 operation for restaurants

    Mumbai can shop and party the night away: New bill permits eateries, malls to stay open 24X7 | mumbai-news | Hindustan Times
  5. D

    MTNL Mumbai ADSL2+ router always defaults to Annex M

    Hi guys, when I select Annex A on this UTStar router, I am getting Downstream SNR Margin of 15 and Attenuation of 20. On Annex M, I get SNR Margin drops to 6 and Attenuation is 26 But when I save the settings at Annex A and reboot modem, it always goes back to Annex M. I want to know if MTNL...
  6. IBF

    Thaanaa Serndha Koottam

  7. IBF

    BBNL has bad network routing

    Hi guys I'm a novice and my ISP is BBNL Bangalore, the problem I'm facing is that my ISP has a new route to Singapore. Usually traffic used to flow from my computer to CXR-Chennai then to SVW-Singapore but now it goes from my computer to CXR-Chennai to MLV-Mumbai to SVW-Singapore. This has...
  8. D

    ISP options in Dahisar West area, Mumbai

    Hello, I would like to know if there are any ISP providers apart from MTNL who are operating in the dahisar west area? If yes, then which are the one's you would recommend. There are quite a few options in the Dahisar east area, but seems to be limited in the west. Any leads are highly...
  9. IBF


  10. K

    Airtel Broadband Experiences in Mumbai

    Hi, Does any one use Airtel Broadband in Mumbai. Can you highlight some of your experiences of using it in Mumbai ?