1. Tejas01

    MTNL 5G updates This is totally unexpected!! Who would have thought MTNL toying with 5G ever in its lifetime.
  2. Sushubh

    MTNL (General) Even MTNL Broadband has started scaring users into installing shitty malware apps

  3. SVK

    MTNL (General) Is MTNL Shutting Down?

    MTNL is winding up finally; here’s why
  4. D

    MTNL Mumbai ADSL2+ router always defaults to Annex M

    Hi guys, when I select Annex A on this UTStar router, I am getting Downstream SNR Margin of 15 and Attenuation of 20. On Annex M, I get SNR Margin drops to 6 and Attenuation is 26 But when I save the settings at Annex A and reboot modem, it always goes back to Annex M. I want to know if MTNL...
  5. B

    MTNL Mumbai MTNL Mumbai updates its pre-FUP speeds to 6mbps minimum for all plans

    MTNL Mumbai has updated the pre-FUP speeds for their plans. Minimum speed is now 6 Mbps. Post FUP is still 1 Mbps though. Page says it's valid till 28th September but none of their other changes have been rolled back yet so...
  6. Jagat

    MTNL Broadband is injecting ads on your computer pretending it's a feature

    Sample ad from one of the later posts: ********** I have MTNL ADSL broadband in Delhi. Today I saw this popup on the side when I connected online (I removed my telephone number from the image): After looking for the inserted code, I discovered that MTNL is inserting iframes inside the...
  7. B

    MTNL Delhi Port not opening even after port forwarding? MTNL DELHI!

    I am trying to bring my counter strike server online. I have port forwarded my port and local ip address i.e. I have disabled windows firewall and the antivirus. I have static ip address also I am trying from other pc to connect to my game through wan ip address followed by...
  8. mantas

    How is MTNL FTTH connection?

    HI, Has anyone used MTNL FTTH connection in Delhi? How has your experience been? Also, do I need a wifi modem or the existing modem suffice? Or do I not need a modem at all and can I connect the ONT to my wifi router? Thanks!!
  9. Sushubh

    MTNL (General) MTNL is now opening selling ads that are injected in your emails

    MTNL Advertisements made by Carizen I have been noticing some changes in code today. Might be getting closer to launch.
  10. V

    MTNL Delhi Unrealistic Speeds on MTNL Billing

    As you can see in the 1st row. I downloaded ~4 GB of data in 1 hour. This means that I am getting download speed of more than 1 mbps. I have a plan of 4 mbps/60GB. I effectively get a download speed of 400kbps or max 430kbps(Remember the 1:8 ratio for download speeds?). Nowhere in the world can...
  11. Priya991

    MTNL Delhi How to surrender MTNL Broadband Connection

    Can anyone Tell me how to do it ! and do we get anything in refund if yes then how much?
  12. sibot

    MTNL Delhi Cannot Access most websites after Exchange Shift

    Hi, I live in Saket and my MTNL exchange recently shifted from Hauz Khas to Pushp Vihar. My internet and landline services had been down for more than 20 plus days until I visited the Pushp Vihar Exchange personally and found out that the lines had been paired incorrectly and there was a jumper...
  13. ihadnightmare

    MTNL Delhi Strange issues with ADSL

    Hey everyone! I'm MTNL user since ages and it always worked fine for me. But from last two weeks I'm facing weid problem with my ADSL as soon as I shifted on 4mbps plan. So, the problem goes like this: Internet disconnects and never connects again until I disconnect everything for 4-5 hours on...
  14. V

    MTNL Delhi *BREAKING_NEWS* Deal between MTNL & 3rd Parties Like Radius for FTTH

    Went to Sec- 6, Dwarka(Delhi) exchange today. Had a 20 min chat with the Area Manager, Rajesh. Actual motive was to make him send a mail to backend to change my profile to 8Mbps from 2Mbps Anyway, Good News: Mtnl will be launching FTTH by this week or max., by next. Wait! Wait! Wait! Yes, you...
  15. Sushubh

    Please submit high quality screenshots of MTNL/BSNL ad-injection on major sites

    If I can get enough raw material, I can start a campaign page for tweet/facebook buttons to ping CEOs of these sites to showcase how their MTNL and BSNL are selling ad-space on their website without their permission.
  16. Sushubh

    Both BSNL and MTNL lie when they say that no data is collected during ad injection

    The technology provider clearly mentions that this is not the case.
  17. Sushubh

    MTNL (General) MTNL Broadband refuse to provide any information regarding deal with Abeer Media

    Questions asked: Please provide a copy of an order/circular where it was decided to deliver service messages and ads through browser popups on broadband connections. Technology used for message-injection on user’s browser. Provider of above technology. Copy of the agreement signed with company...
  18. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi ADSL gets unstable every evening

    So i bought a Dlink 2750u Modem recently and it was working flawlessly but from past two days around 6 pm the ADSL gets unstable and it happens till around 10 pm and after that everything goes back to normal. Can anyone help? i am on 999 combo plan.
  19. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Get mtnl 4mbps at cheap rates

    so currently i am on mtnl 999 combo : 2mbps upto 25GB and 1 mbps after that but from the past 4 months i call mtnl on the 4th of every month and change my plan to 4mbps combo plain wtih FUP 60GB and use it to download torrents and when i use up the entire 60GB which happens in a week i call them...
  20. V

    MTNL Delhi *NEW* MTNL exchange coming up in Dwarka, Sec-12

    As a lot of people know that Dwarka has an exchange in Sec 6, but since it's in one corner of the huge suburb, the other places do not get appropriate bandwidth/speeds and hence the whole decent infrastructure is rendered useless. To cater to the needs of the users, another exchange is coming up...
  21. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi MTNL Broadband: IPv6 Dual Stack Broadband Network

    so i got a popup of mtnl asking to opt for ipv6, can anyone tell what is ipv6?
  22. pranjal53

    MTNL (General) MTNL Antivirus Protection

    Is this even worth giving a try? LINK : :: MTNL ::
  23. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Stable DSL but not internet light

    I am on Mtnl 999 combo and the modem is TP link W8968 and it was working fine all day until now . The DSl light is stable but there is no internet light. What should I do?
  24. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi How much speed would I get on MTNL Broadband

    so my line's attainable rate is 9136 and i want to opt for mtnl 8mbps plan but i heard that for that the data rate should be 9216 so what speed will i get if i opt for 8 mbps plan? also my current plan is tri combo unlimited 999 which means i should get speed of 2 mbps till 25 gb then 1 mbps but...
  25. igloo

    MTNL Delhi MTNL Broadband TriB UL Data-3999: 8mbps unlimited plan for Rs. 4000

    8mbps dl. 1mbps ul. Rs. 3,999per month only. From 01jan 2016 Jio effect on Mtnl Delhi. [emoji6]
  26. Saurabh Srivastava

    Wi-Fi Registration Rule

    randomly browsing I got this link Is this really a rule? Wi-Fi Registration - MTNL Mumbai
  27. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Problem with mtnl modem 450TC1

    So a few days ago i was trying a different modem of D-link and i removed the ADSL line from my mtnl modem while it was on and connected it to the D-link one but due to some reason the D-Link modem didn't work so i pressed the reset button but still it wasn't working so finally i switched back to...
  28. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Router reset

    Can anyone help me my small brother accidently pressed the reset button on the router and now the internet light is not showing and ADSL is stable and the name of WiFi has changed to Mtnl and is locked I tried called 1504 but they don't pick please anyone help? EDIT : So i managed to get back...
  29. T

    MTNL Delhi Frequent disconnects on new Freedom 1495 plan

    Guys, please help. I recently switched from a 2 Mbps MTNL plan to an 8 Mbps plan (Freedom 1495). I have been using the same WiFi modem since the past 5 years (model: DNA-A212, provided by MTNL). Since I have moved to the new plan, my connection has been disconnecting a lot. This is not a...
  30. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Mtnl WiFi split

    I have two floors where I need WiFi So the line man suggested to increase my plan to 2 mbps unlimited and from the same wire he would give connection on two floors This way WiFi would be split and he would give me two routers But this way won't the speed I receive on each floor be half?
  31. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi is mtnl registered with any site like torbox?

    On the FAQ page of torbox i found this "Why is it better than, say, is a very comprehensive meta-search engine but it does not mark the torrents near you. Using TorBox will probably give similar results but sorted according to the network proximity. This greatly...
  32. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi MTNL offering 4mbps upto 60 GB at rs 1395

    I am getting this pop-up of mtnl saying they are offering 4 mbps upto 60GB + 200 min free when i click the pop up blank page opens i want this plan , should i call mtnl?
  33. P

    MTNL Mumbai New MTNL connection, internet not working

    Hi guys, I somehow managed to get a MTNL connection after 2 months. My internet connection was activated yesterday (they called me and told that we have activated your connection from there). I have dlink 2750u modem+router. I have set it up with all proper settings and user name password. But I...
  34. S

    MTNL Delhi MTNL Speed stuck at 2 MBPS despite changing plan to 8 MBPS

    Hi, I changed my MTNL Broadband connection plan 2 months back to 8 MBPS Freedom plan. I have been getting a higher bill since last month, but the connection speed has not changed even a bit. I still get a maximum speed of 2 MBPS at all times. Do I need to do anything else to get a higher...
  35. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Youtube Not working

    i am on mtnl 999 combo 1mbps unlimited and due to some reason i am unable to play videos having less number of views , and it is happening on every device.
  36. N

    MTNL Delhi Some sites do not open

    We use a MTNL Wired Broadband connection. It works fine with most sites. But some sites which are secure do not open - It just hangs. In some cases it says NOT FOUND and gives some reference to a Apache server. MTNL help line provides no solution - just says somebody would call or come to...
  37. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Change of router

    I am still using the router provided by mtnl 450TC1, Should i change it?if yes then which router should i buy and what all will i have to return to mtnl? I haven't changed until now because i heard people saying that mtnl will blame you for changing the router and then they would say the router...
  38. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Dial tone too noisy

    The dial tone is too noisy and I have complained to mtnl on Friday and I have atleast called them 4-5 times still no line man has come to my house . I actually shifted to my new house and I have a point on terrace for the telephone connection , so the line man who came to set up the device...
  39. pranjal53

    MTNL Delhi Static IP Mtnl

    can anyone explain me the static ip plans of mtnl? And the benefits of it. here's the link :
  40. S

    MTNL Mumbai MTNL Broadband Festive Offer: One Month Free Internet for New Users

    saw this on twitter today which led to this seems they are gearing up for merging with BSNL :(:cry::cry::cry:
  41. P

    MTNL (General) Contacts Required for senior MTNL officers

    Hello everyone, I have been experiencing High Latency issues and have being try to diagnose what the problem is. I have done quite bit of research and would like to foward it to some MTNL senior officier who can implement and fix it. I require email ids of senior officers of MTNL (General) and...
  42. S

    MTNL Mumbai MTNL Broadband works fine on Windows but not on Ubuntu

    Hello everybody ... I am new to this and i have a great problem .. I am using MTNL ADSL Broadband Connection in Mumbai .. I use ubuntu of Linux as my OS.. This ADSL connection doesnt work properly with ubuntu .. It browses internet very slowly sometimes .. and syncing a repository on terminal...
  43. S

    MTNL removes 1650 Unlimited Plan from Delhi NCR

    -- dead tinypic image removed -- Hi MTNL users, Sad news for us. MTNL has taken off the 1650rs Unlimited 3g recharge of its website as well as 3rd party payment website. I was going to recharge the same however could not find unlimited option. Sue MTNL for this misconduct.