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    Unable to update Lenovo z2 plus without vpn

    I bought Lenovo z2 plus from Amazon india(that too from a major seller) and it shows that there is no new update available even though it is using quite old version of zui and once I used vpn based in China it detected update like normal and my friend has the same mobile and he never had...
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    4G just in, Centre gears up to make 5G a reality by 2020

    In what could kick off India’s foray into fifth-generation of mobile telephony, or 5G, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is gearing up to hold discussions with key stakeholders in an effort to bring them on the same page for establishing a national 5G framework programme, which aims...
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    Cases of internet shutdown across the country

    Government can switch off your internet if necessary - The Economic Times KOLKATA/NEW DELHI: The Indian government has armed itself with powers to 'switch off' or kill the internet during times of national emergencies, becoming one of the first few countries to assume such far reaching...