1. joe2005

    AIRCEL Porting blues

    PORT 86XXXXXXXX This is how sms was given to 1900 I received the reply Dear Customer,Please send the request in the below format.Port <10 Digit Mobile Number> how do i sms according aircel...
  2. M

    PSA: New Airtel SIM cards dont require FRC don't fall for them

    When you buy new Airtel SIM or port to their network then you don't require your FRC(First Recharge Coupon) from airtel store or recharge shops. You can pay online and get full benefits. Both airtel store and customer care will lie about it. Last month i ported to their network and yesterday i...
  3. RajanP

    RCom blocking MNP to retain customers for 4G?

    I am trying to use MNP to port my number. However, all I'm getting is 'Insufficient balance. Please recharge to avail this service'. I have 25 rupees balance. How much balance is required for getting UPC? I am on a prepaid connection that is otherwise working fine.
  4. I

    Vodafone blocking MNP SMS to 1900...!!

    Hi All, This is a rather shameful move taken by Vodafone..!! Vodafone is blocking SMSes to 1900. Whenever one tries to send 'PORT' to 1900, an error message is received "Unable To Send SMS" or "Message Sending Failed". This is being done to prevent the customers from porting out of Vodafone...