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    Microsoft AI Business School Source
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    Code Jumper

    With Code Jumper, experts look to jumpstart computer science interest for kids who are blind | Innovation Stories at Microsoft Source
  3. SVK

    Microsoft Confirms Windows Phone is officially Dead!

    Windows Phone is officially obsolete, Microsoft tells users to switch to Android or iOS It's the end of the road for Windows 10 Mobile; switch to Android, iOS encouraged My Lumia 830 is still in good condition and kept as backup in case my handset fails for some reason. I got use it recently...
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    Microsoft Surface Headphones

    Check Microsoft Surface Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Source
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    Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

    Check Microsoft Surface Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Source Meet the Surface Laptop 2 – Style and Speed – Microsoft Surface
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    Microsoft Surface Studio 2

    Check Microsoft Surface Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Source Meet the Surface Studio 2 – The Ultimate Creative Studio – Microsoft Surface
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    Volkswagen Automotive Cloud

    Volkswagen and Microsoft partner to give drivers a connected, seamless ride | Transform
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    Microsoft Surface Go

    Check Microsoft Surface Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Introducing the New Surface Go – Portable Power – Microsoft
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    Project Natick

    Source Project Natick Phase 2 Under the sea, Microsoft tests a datacenter that’s quick to deploy, could provide internet connectivity for years | Stories
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    Sponza Treasure

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    Microsoft SharePoint Spaces

    Source SharePoint innovations transform content collaboration with mixed reality and AI - Microsoft 365 Blog
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    Microsoft Project Rome

    Source Project Rome – Microsoft Developer
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    Project Zanzibar

    Source Project Zanzibar - Microsoft Research
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    Microsoft Soundscape

    Source Soundscape app empowers people who are blind or have low vision to explore the world – Microsoft Accessibility Blog Microsoft Soundscape on the App Store Microsoft Soundscape - Microsoft Research
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    Source Cardiolens. "Pulse and Vital Sign Measurement in Mixed Reality using a HoloLens" - Microsoft Research
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    Source Lokavidya - Microsoft Research
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    Microsoft Xbox Family Settings

    Check Xbox Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Source
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    Microsoft Garage Reality Room

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    Bloom: Open Space

    Source Bloom Open Space – A mixed reality installation by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers
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    Source Researchers use AI to improve accuracy of gene editing with CRISPR
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    Microsoft Xbox Live Creators Program

    Source Xbox Live Creators Program | Xbox
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    Microsoft Word

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    Microsoft PowerPoint Updates
  25. Sushubh

    Meltdown and Spectre

    Critical flaws revealed to affect most Intel chips since 1995 | ZDNet Meltdown and Spectre Meltdown and Spectre
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    Source UrbanEye - Travel assistance app for public transport - Microsoft Research
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    Windows 10

    Microsoft unveils the future of Windows
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    ViaOpta Hello

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    Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

    Check Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Source Source Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse | Precise Control | Surface
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    Microsoft Word Resume Assistant

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    Microsoft Learning Tools

    Microsoft Learning Tools Source
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    Harman Kardon Invoke

    Check Harman Kardon Invoke Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Harman Kardon Invoke – Voice Activated Speaker with Cortana Source
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    Microsoft Visio

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    Microsoft: Work Reworked

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    Microsoft Research: Project Catapult

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    Microsoft Surface Book 2

    Check Microsoft Surface Book 2 Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Source
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    Microsoft Ignite

    Source Microsoft Ignite | Orlando, FL | September 25-29, 2017
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    (Microsoft) My Workspace

    Source My Workspace, a Microsoft Garage project
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    Microsoft Bookings

    Source Microsoft Bookings, Online Scheduling and Booking App
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    Microsoft Bookings

    Source Microsoft Bookings, Online Scheduling and Booking App
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    RIP GigJam

    Update on the GigJam Preview
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    Project ReWeave

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    Microsoft Rural Broadband Initiative

    Source Microsoft calls for U.S. strategy to eliminate rural broadband gap within 5 years
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    Microsoft Inspire

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    Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office 365)
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    Windows Photos - Microsoft Photos

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    Microsoft SketchPad

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    Microsoft Windows Maps

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    Windows Autopilot

    Overview of Windows AutoPilot
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    Source Faculty Summit 2017: The Edge of AI - Microsoft Research