nokia g-2425g-a

  1. rinapatel

    Nokia G2425G-A Fiber

    Will Nokia G2425G-A Fiber router works with BSNL FTTH?
  2. G

    Nokia G-2425G-A Bridge Mode Problems

    I tried enabling bridge mode on all 4 ports (one by one) on my Nokia ONT, but no luck yet. In order to debug further, I tried connecting the bridged port to a linux PC using a patch cord, but there was no interface light on the PC's interface, and the port is also showing as down in the LAN...
  3. Abhinav007

    How to configure Nokia G-2425g with tp link Ax 10 router

    Hi i want to add my Tp link Ax 10 with lan cable to airtel router to extend wireless range my i have put cable from lan 1 port of the nokia router to the wan port of the tp link and configure the internet connection type to dynamic but i am not getting the internet in tp link i want to use...
  4. thesickcynic

    An extremely dumb question about Bridge Mode on Nokia G2425-G.

    Is enabling Bridge mode as simple as toggling the port mode in Network>LAN, or is there something else that needs to be configured from the back end? The engineer assigned to my ticket told me that's all I had to do, but I am not entirely sure he knows what he's talking about. Connecting my...
  5. thesickcynic

    Does the Nokia G-2425G-A have the same bitrate on each LAN port?

    I got Airtel XStream installed recently, and I am about to call support to enable bridge mode. I saw this thread about the older G-140W-C router having different bitrates for each of the LAN ports. Does anyone know if the G-2425G-A has the same issue? If it does, I'll ask them to enable the...
  6. S

    Nokia G-2425G-A - Bridge mode and static IP

    Hi, I had enabled bridge mode on my Fibre Connection and also configured the PPPOE connection on my own router. Now that I have taken a static IP, the bridge connection is not working. Port 4 is in bridge, and I have tried the below Use PPPOE in my router Use DHCP Use Static IP with VLAN 100...
  7. F

    Smartphone battery drain on Nokia 2425G router

    Hello All, I have installed Airtel Xstream broadband 3 months back and was provided a Nokia ONT 2425G. The range of the router is great compared to my previous TP Link (single band Wifi) router. However I am facing a weird issue which I have managed to locate in only one other thread here. Any...
  8. T

    Shell access via telnet or ssh to Nokia G-2425 possible?

    I recently got an Airtel Xstream Connection. Airtel provided me with a Nokia G-2425 ONT. I accessed it's Web Login and enabled ssh and telnet from Security>Access Control. After connecting to it via ssh or telnet from my Linux machine it had some options one of them being ENABLE which would...
  9. C

    How to use Nokia 2425G router in bridge mode?

    Hi, Total networking noob here and receieved airtel connection just couple of days back so I am still exploring. Airtel provided Nokia G-2425G GPON router however I would like to use my Mi 3G router running on OpenWRT as my main and use the ISP provided router as just a gateway/bridge mode...
  10. C

    Nokia 2425G router with Google WiFi setup advice

    Hi All, I have a google WiFi given years ago which I am using and worked on a copper connection. I got airtel extreme fibre at my new home and it’s a Nokia GPON 2425G router. My google WiFi after factory default doesn’t go past ‘the connect your internet cable’ screen. I set up the Nokia...
  11. N

    Open NAT with G-2425G-A Nokia Router?

    Does anyone know how to get Open NAT Type using G-2425G-A nokia router? I enabled UPnP in the router, but my NAT Type is still Moderate. The only other way to get Open NAT is by Port Forwarding, but I don't want to manually open port for every other game. For some people using your own router...
  12. JustSome1

    Changing WiFi Channel on Nokia G-2425G

    I'm trying to use my TP Link router in bridge mode with GPON Nokia G-2425. This is working well with setting WiFi Channel number in TPLink router same as that in Nokia. But the issue is sometimes after restart of Nokia router, it changes the WiFi Channel number. I've to again manually adjust the...
  13. Sushubh

    Airtel FTTH Fiber Broadband in Sector 31 Gurgaon

    They are laying down cables in my sector today lol.