low speed

  1. A

    Different speeds on different speed test?

    I decided to do a speed test today and my mind was blown because Okla Speed test shows a much higher speed compared to what I am actually getting. [Screenshots included] I decided to find more sites to do speed tests on and you can see what I am actually getting. When I do test on Okla Speedtest...
  2. athulan

    BSNL Broadband speed issue related to line rate setting

    Hello, I recently changed the BSNL BROADBAND plan which we took in 2004(don't remember what plan). Now i got the plan BB 675 ULD also called 5 GB/day plan (Upto 10 Mbps till 5 GB/day, Upto 2 Mbps beyond) excepting a huge speed change. But the speed only changed from 100KBps to 200KBps. The...
  3. A

    BBG ULD 1199 Plan - Am getting only 1.53 Mb Speed

    I'm in BBG ULD 1199 Plan, getting only 1.53 Mb Download Speed even after changing my line rate to 4095. I'm suppose to get 4 Mbps download speed upto 40 GB . I have not exceed my FUP limit, yet am getting only 1.53 Mbps. Below are the Speed and Stats. Is there anything i can do to fix this ?