1. cia

    Please post your ping results

    Copy-paste the following into cmd. Post the results here. These are the server IPs of Warface EU realm. The top two are in Lx, then Sg and HK. ping ping ping ping I had done this same post quite a while ago when the Gigafiber was only...
  2. A

    Reliance #JioFiber Fixed Voice

    I have got a JioFiber connection at my home. Few weeks back, I connected my landline phone to the router and activated the Jio Fixed Voice services. I have no problem in calling(or receiving) calls from other mobile numbers. I also am able to receive calls from other landline numbers. However...
  3. skumar840

    My Blogging website is blocked in Jio network

    I am running a blogging website MaxBoa. In which I post contents related to blogging, WordPress, AdSense, youtube. You all know that this is not an illegal content or a porn website then anyone please explain to me why Jio blocked my website. My website properly works in another network like...
  4. Smh

    JIO Fiber AGM - Confirmed Updates Announcements

    Commercial launch date Speed test IPTV/Cable TV Gaming with Setup box Video call AR/VR Jio forever plan Stats
  5. Logik

    How to get around Reliance Jio GigaFiber blocking of websites?

    Alright Folks, I beleive I have figured out how JIO is blocking sites (on 4G GSM and Fiber). I have read some random comments here as to how JIO is using something strong to block stuff (and not just DNS etc). I am using linux as OS. It really can do wonders for you. I have tested this across...
  6. krishna1997

    Why is Reliance Jio laying down cables on poles instead of doing it underground?

    i find this street by street in my area
  7. dragonball

    How does Reliance Jio Fiber compare to Airtel broadband?

    I am using Airtel Fiber 40mbps 100gb per month for 500 rupees. I dont need more than 200gb data per month. Is there any advantage of switching to Jio fiber?
  8. K

    Jio GigaFiber Trick : HELP

    Hello everyone , so here is the scenario : I want to live stream game on youtube , so for that i need atleast a fiber connection . Though i live in a defense area ( gov owned ) , Here there aren't any broadband fiber connection . Infact here there isnt any broadband connection except BSNL ...
  9. sumantrab99

    Hathway Broadband is now using Reliance Jio gateway which means all Jio blocked services are now blocked on it

    I would like to request this forum's mod/admin to kindly tag this post to both Jio's and Hathway's threads, as it kind of relates to both of them. Okay, so here it is. I'll tell you exactly how it all started... Till yesterday, I was able to access all the torrent sites (-- link removed --, -- link removed --...
  10. K

    Horrible Customer Service - Internet down for 3 days and counting

    I have been using Jio gigafiber for around 1 and a half months and everything was working fine untill 22nd May Evening. Suddenly Internet Stopped working and I called up customer care and they said sorry sir it is issue in your area please wait for 4 hours. I thought ok 4 hours it is. But...