jio gigafiber

  1. Jaypatel

    Does Reliance Jio Fiber STB work with other broadbands?

    I did not recharge any paid plan. I am thinking about getting STB, but 1# does it work with other broadband? 2# Can I get amazon prime work in STB and phone mirroring? 3# if I do not recharge afterwards they will take it back both STB and router or only STB? as they are giving away for free.
  2. Jaypatel

    How to enable landline voice calling on Reliance Jio Fiber?

    So, I was recharging my data in myjio app and I got one popup, it was about calling service on my bb. So now it is enabled for every one?
  3. M

    Is there Jio GigaFiber in Malviya Nagar Delhi?

    I have recently moved to Malviya Nagar in Delhi and was wondering if Jio GigaFiber is in Malviya Nagar yet? I read terrible reviews about ACT Fibernet and Excitel. So somewhat confused which service provider to go for. Hathaway has a large hoarding in front of my place but not sure if they are...
  4. B

    are you able to run tor or the standalone vidalia setup on jio gigafiber network?

    somehow i am not able to connect to the tor network on jio. seeing the message log i am getting these 2 warnings repeatedly "I'm about to ask a node for a connection that I am telling it to fulfil with neither IPv4 nor IPv6. That's not going to work. Did you perhaps ask for an IPv6 address on an...
  5. sumantrab99

    Hathway Broadband is now using Reliance Jio gateway which means all Jio blocked services are now blocked on it

    I would like to request this forum's mod/admin to kindly tag this post to both Jio's and Hathway's threads, as it kind of relates to both of them. Okay, so here it is. I'll tell you exactly how it all started... Till yesterday, I was able to access all the torrent sites (-- link removed --, -- link removed --...
  6. K

    Horrible Customer Service - Internet down for 3 days and counting

    I have been using Jio gigafiber for around 1 and a half months and everything was working fine untill 22nd May Evening. Suddenly Internet Stopped working and I called up customer care and they said sorry sir it is issue in your area please wait for 4 hours. I thought ok 4 hours it is. But...
  7. S

    Rumored Reliance #JioFiber Broadband Plans

    Guys: These are the RUMOURED Jio FTTH Home Plans. It seems they have already started conducting pilots in few societies of Jamnagar and Mumbai. Please do not get excited. These seem too good to be true and likely to be wrong. *** No FUP or 5 Mbps Post FUP Speed after 100/200/300 GBs *** 5 Mbps ...