jio fiber

  1. A

    Trying to set Reliance Jio Fiber Gateway to Bridge mode got this message any one Have A Idea?

    "Selected port is associated with VLAN on LAN. Disable port membership to vlan on LAN" Please figure it out guys if YOU Could thank YOU
  2. Mohit1212

    Can ADB work on Jio setup box (Nougat)

    I have 7.0 Android jio setup box, I turned on developers settings but did not see the option to turn on or off usb debugging. There were some options related to usb debugging but nothing seems to help. I tried using adb over wifi, since I dont have male to male usb cable. But it did not help...
  3. R

    JIO Fiber Service in Nagpur?

    Hi everyone, How many of you guys using Jio Fiber in Nagpur and how was the experience? which plan your using? Thanks in advance
  4. S

    How to Unlock JioFiber ONT & work directly with any ftth ISP without using another ONT or Use it as a WiFi Router by connect any FTTH ISP basic Modem?

    Is JioFiber ONT is locked for any other ftth service providers? Any one had tried to hack/unlock the JioFiber ONT for other ftth service providers like bsnl ftth? Is there any way to use Jio ONT for bsnl ftth? Jio has disappointed me and i don't want use it for few months till it comes with...
  5. vishwajeet

    Is this BLUE BOX of Airtel V Fiber or JIO Fiber

  6. Smh

    JIO Fiber AGM - Confirmed Updates Announcements

    Commercial launch date Speed test IPTV/Cable TV Gaming with Setup box Video call AR/VR Jio forever plan Stats
  7. K

    Jio GigaFiber Trick : HELP

    Hello everyone , so here is the scenario : I want to live stream game on youtube , so for that i need atleast a fiber connection . Though i live in a defense area ( gov owned ) , Here there aren't any broadband fiber connection . Infact here there isnt any broadband connection except BSNL ...