1. drtech

    Finally we can expect some IPv6 goodness coming along our way !

  2. G

    Airtel is rolling out IPv6 on their wired broadband services

    I am getting public ipv6 from today. About 8 to 9 of devices are getting ipv6 IPs
  3. S

    Tata Sky Broadband: Static IPV6 - Unable to Configure

    Hi, I have subscribed to Tata Sky Broadband and asked them to activate StatiC IPv6. It was activated, they changed the IPv6 to be issued through Prefix Delegation and the router showed an assignment of a /64 prefix. I have been automatically assigned an IP from the given range. Further, I...
  4. leteras

    Are there ISPs in India who provide proper IPv6 connectivity?

    ACT gives you a single dynamic /64 which is pretty useless and this seems to be unsupported as their customer support have no idea what IPv6 is. So, are there any ISPs who provide or are planning to provide in the future a static IPv6 with at least a /56 or larger prefix? Any insiders know the...
  5. leteras

    Vodafone seems to have enabled IPv6

    Tethered my laptop to a phone with Vodafone SIM card and noticed this. Got this error on Test your IPv6. though:
  6. P

    How many IPV6 addresses (Pool) JIO gives in Jiofi

    I wanted to know if Jio gives any pool of IP in Jiofi? It says 31 devices, so do these 31 devices get unique SLAAC global IPV6 address? I am trying to delegate the IPV6 IP's to home network via router SLAAC configuration, but it does not delegate SLAAC based IPs to various devices. I have to...
  7. A

    Jio FTTH Carrier Grade NAT and IPv6

    I have the Jio FTTH service and I have to say its really good. Fast speeds and zero downtime in the last 6 months I am using it now. The only problem is that there is no access to the device/home network from outside. They seem to be using CGNAT, and further their router is locked down (so...
  8. A

    act fibernet pleas change to ipv 6.

    hi actfibernet teem and other users of actfibernet around India in this post i will share you my openeon of act fibernet giving out private ip addresses. i like every thing about actfibernet except there private ip addresses this iscreating many problems forme the problems or 1: hi pings 2: my...
  9. J

    public ip for vodafone SIM ( not necessarily fixed IP )

    The organization I work for, is deploying around 200 to 600 devices all over India. If internet connectivity to these devices is going to be provided by Vodafone 3G simcard, what is the procedure to have these SIM cards assigned a public IP. I tried calling local Vodafone customer care, but...