1. SVK

    T20 Global League (South Africa)

    T20 Global League: Cricket South Africa reveals their new Twenty20 competition South Africa gets its own IPL.
  2. SVK

    Indian Premier League Updates

    After ICL has rolled out its plan to kick start its matches - NDTV.com: ICL to kick off on November 30 I was just wondering if both these CLUBS comes across plans of playing CRICKET matches between them, what would be the result? Who will outplay other? :whistle: If this plans materalise, then...
  3. Sushubh

    Apple News & Updates

    Apple Stores in India This is awesome. Apple Inc. is collaborating with Reliance Retail for an exclusive marketing and distribution deal to open retail stores in the Indian market. This deal happens to be the first exclusive alliance for Reliance Retail with an international brand. Reliance is...