1. captain_ahab

    Can you help with pingplotter results

    I am attaching pingplotter sample sets below - "tripleplay_hotstar_07012020_233959.pp2" and "tripleplay_google_08012020_001032.pp2" are consecutive in that order and reflect the packet loss started at night of 7th January 11:39 PM up until 30 minutes to 8th January 00:10 AM. Also...
  2. A

    LMAO!! My broadband is slower than my 4G.

    I was trying to download an IDE from Microsoft as I am trying to learn a new language and as usual the speed is throttled to 7.5 Mbps(advertised and sold as 100 Mbps) so I thought let me just connect my 4G mobile connection via hotspot to download this. To my surprise I got constant 10-18 Mbps...
  3. Dinesh4693


    One of the best fraudulent service.. Don't know why exactly customer service is there.. Whatever you ask them.. They just have one sentence. "Please contact operator".. And operator says that you are paying through online so, need to provide additional amount if in case internet is down. If...
  4. alphaCar

    [HELP] Tired of these ISPs - looking for suggestions

    Hello forum peeps! Been an unregistered lurker for some time. My current ISP is Hathway (I'm from Hyd btw) and the service is pathetic. I'm new to Hyderabad and don't know much about the ISP scene here. As the user th4n0s pointed out in this thread, I fell for their scheme and have been...
  5. A

    Dual MAC Updation

    hi can you tell me what is this use full for?
  6. A

    About MTU Size

    hi til now I thought that the maximum size of MTU is 1472 bites as 28 bites is taken of for some technical useage but today I tested MTU ping results with ACT Fibernet the CMD was able to ping up til 1472 bites how! acording to many articals on the web it should not. I should bee able to...
  7. H

    Oceans Infoline Broadband - Thane

    Hi guys, I am from Thane and recently someone dropped a pamphlet at my door of this broadband company named oceans infoline private limited. they have insanely aggressive pricing but I have never came across this broadband company. their office is located at Thane Khopat area. I am listing...
  8. A

    updated my plan speedtest

    I just change my plan 100 Mbps speed hear is the speedtest Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
  9. H

    BSNL-FTTH Where To Complaint? Fed Up With The Service.

    I am Fed up with BSNL-FTTH service in my area. I have taken their 777/- plan with 50Mbps. But most of the time speed fluctuates a lot. and if the link goes down then forget about the service. This old creatures sitting at BSNL office don't even bother to listen to the problems. Called at...
  10. A

    Lo speeds and high ping my speed should bee 78Mbps and keep in mind this is an FTTH Connection