1. debanjan757

    Hathway asking 15k for a direct connection

    Hello all. I have been using this god awful, horrible, and atrocious Siti/Indinet (more like S*ITTY) broadband for 5 years now at this point. When I first got the connection, I wanted to opt for something like Airtel or Alliance broadband as I heard from my friends that they are pretty good...
  2. Psr

    Hathaway broadband

    Hello All, Broadband has been disconnecting on and off since yesterday,How do I contact Hathaway broadband Hyderabad to resolve this issue?The customer care number says that I need to contact local broadband guy.Unfortunately my father lost his number and is not sure who the provider is.I just...
  3. alphaCar

    [HELP] Tired of these ISPs - looking for suggestions

    Hello forum peeps! Been an unregistered lurker for some time. My current ISP is Hathway (I'm from Hyd btw) and the service is pathetic. I'm new to Hyderabad and don't know much about the ISP scene here. As the user th4n0s pointed out in this thread, I fell for their scheme and have been...
  4. jtndbs

    HELP! Looking for a new Fiber internet connection in Dwarka

    Hey guys, I'm a resident of Dwarka Sector 4. I'm on the lookout for a new Fiber broadband internet connection ASAP. My current ISP is Nextra. And since a few weeks nextra has been having the hiccups. It didn't used to, but now it does. Speedtest and fast.com show speeds of a shameful 100kbps...
  5. sumantrab99

    Hathway Broadband is now using Reliance Jio gateway which means all Jio blocked services are now blocked on it

    I would like to request this forum's mod/admin to kindly tag this post to both Jio's and Hathway's threads, as it kind of relates to both of them. Okay, so here it is. I'll tell you exactly how it all started... Till yesterday, I was able to access all the torrent sites (link-removed, link-removed...
  6. sumantrab99

    Hathway's H-Fiber broadband and how it's better than most of the ISPs out there.....

    Before I even start on how H-Fiber is better than other ISPs, let me throw some light on what it is actually. Hathway's H-Fiber is a bit different than Hathway Broadband, or atleast that's the case in our locality (Kolkata). How? Let's see:- 1. Mode of transmission: Hathway broadband is...
  7. Zacte

    Spectra performing poorly these last few months, looking for alternatives

    Spectra used to be kinda good back when I first got it, I feel like in 2016, they were pretty good, upgrading from 512kbps to 16mbps/24gb, it was a huge increase in speed for me. But my internet requirements have changed and 100mbps/150 gb is too low for me. And 1mbps after finishing the FUP is...
  8. pc94

    Hathway is trying to scam me? Prices increased without any notification?

    So, recently my 4 (3+1)month Hathway internet plan expired. I was getting 50 mbps speed with Unlimited Data(1tb) at a price of Rs562 per month (New Delhi) which was pretty cool. Apparently Hathway was also offering the same plan for new customers too. It has been 15 days since my subscription...
  9. Sushubh

    Hathway Broadband in Gurgaon

    Alright. So today found out that Hathway has launched in my area. The guy showed me plans on his phone. 25mbps unlimited for Rs. 800. Hathway website does not seem to list Gurgaon at all. And plans are pretty bad compared to this. He also said that TV package is 300 for SD and 450 for HD. He had...
  10. C

    Using dd-wrt with Hathway?

    I am trying to replace the default D-Link DIR615M router of Hathway with TP-Link 841N on which I have installed dd-wrt. However, inspite of trying various settings, I am still unable to activate Internet via the new router. Is anyone using similar combination on Hathway? Your help is appreciated.
  11. S

    Airtel V-Fibre vs waiting for Jio FTTH vs Hathway FTTH in kolkata park circus area

    So my current airtel ADSL broadband is giving me quite the disconnections and stuff. The attenuation rate is 16.4 dB, SNR margin at 19 dB and output strength is 16.9 for download and 12 for upload. Jio ftth isn't here at the moment and all jio is saying to me is that their connection in...
  12. electronicsguy

    Hathway and their #[email protected]#$%#@ website!

    Hathway guys: What the hell is wrong with you? Your website to login and check usage hasn't been working for months! (at least from Oct 2016 that I know). Do you guys even bother to check it? It asks to select city and when we do, nothing happens and eventually times out. Why such @#[email protected]#$...
  13. FinkPloyd

    Suggest a Broadband ISP in East Delhi

    Hi Guys I am new to this forum. I am currently on Den Boomband but not quite satisfied with the speed and customer service offered by them. Can anyone suggest a service provider in East Delhi? Nextra, Excitel, Hathway and Tikona are providing services in my locality. Which one is better?
  14. S

    Hathway slow torrent download speed

    Hi, Today I took the Hathway 100mbps 100 GB plan. As per speed test I am getting good speeds but when I am downloading something with torrents its giving speeds of just 500-900 kbps. I have tried multiple torrents with multiple seeders/peers but the result is same. Is Hathway blocking torrent...
  15. D

    Hathway Frequent Downs

    Hello, I am facing frequent downs with Hathway. I always tell them but they are not solving it permanently. Can anyone help me? Below I have shared the complaints made in December: Below is the total number of request made since August, 2016:
  16. S

    Hathway is fraudulent! They scam you with the FUP

    First things first, i am not from a competing company. I am a regular customer from new delhi. Now what i wanna discuss is the three month combo plan in which they give you 40 gb (atleast they say they do) with 50 mbps speed and 1 mbps thereafter but what they really give you is 25 gb!. See...
  17. Z

    Hathway website not secure! Lost my money. Don't make online payments

    I made a payment of Rs. 4654 for a 6 month subscription. The transaction details are INB/418978760/TECHPROCESS SOLUTIONS LTD/ and the payment reference no is 229431321. The money was deducted from my bank account but I got a payment gateway error. When I called Hathway I was told that they...
  18. pranjal53

    Hathway In West Delhi

    Anyone using Hathway In west Delhi region? I have a read a lot of bad reviews of hathway but their engineer was saying that "phele optical fiber nhi tha ab optical fiber hai toh connection theek rahega" Should i opt for hathway? They are charging 250 Rupees for installation.
  19. R

    Hathway Pune conning me! Please suggest alternate in Market Yard area

    I am a hathway user for last 2-3 years. For last few months, I noticed that my usage (according to hathway) has suddenly spiked. My plan is with 30GB FUP. This would suffice me for 20-21 days before speed downgrade. For last 2-3 months, I have noticed that 30GB is used up in 10-12 days. I...
  20. T

    should i get airtel broadband in kothrud, PUNE

    in pune kothrud dahanukar colony... using hathway currently HD stream 3 hathway is pure rip-off worked great but then there just $#itting on me giving unstable speed cutting off my so called 50mbps(max. ever 6 mbps) net speed at just 10gb(i trust windows,cause i purposely load videos at...
  21. A

    Hathway is a cheat

    I paid complete money to Mr Sujeet on the condition that I want the broadband connection wiring to be done today and modem can be installed later. However after 3 days my connection is not installed. After calling them to get it installed I get no response . These guys can't be trusted and no...
  22. A

    Broadband Recommendation for east Delhi

    Hi guys, I'm currenlty using Airtel, but I'm fed up with it because I have a 2 Mbps plan, and I rarely get 512 kbps, plus numerous numerous connection drops. So, I'm on the lookout for a new ISP. How is Hathway? I was considering its Fiber 4 plan. What are some other good ISPs? I don't want...
  23. A

    Broadband for west patel nagar, new delhi

    What are the available broadband in west patel nagar. I have heard of Tikona and Hathway. What are the others available. Which one is the best among all ( if not best but atleast usable)?
  24. P

    Hathway - East of NGEF, Bangalore Review After 2 Months

    People in Bangalore often move homes and I moved from Langford Town to Sadanand Nagar. While I moved from the super reliable BSNL to Airtel in Langford town, I had to opt for Hathway in Sadanand Nagar as my apartment had only Hathway or BSNL. I mean how bad could Hathway be? I could live with...
  25. G

    Do not take Hathway in Bangalore !!

    It's a sincere request to all new customers looking for Hathway broadband in Bangalore.Kindly do not make this mistake. I'm a resident of Jayanagar , and was prety exited to get the Hathway 50 Mbps broadband, but the last six months of the service has been a hellish experience with their...
  26. S

    Asianet HD and Mazhavil Manorama HD

    Hi anyone getting Asianet HD and Mazhavil Manorama HD in Hathway?? Or any other SP.. Please tell me whom to contact in Hathway to add these two channels
  27. B

    Please suggest a new ISP in Pitampura, Delhi area.

    Hello members, I am currently using Airtel's broadband connection. Although their service is great but their FUP policy and price for the connection are a nuisance. I usually download around 100GBs in a month and I am planning to switch to a new ISP. Can you guys please suggest me a new ISP...