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    Hathway Cable & Datacom — hathway broadband - refund & deactivation

    Hi, I need to relocate within the city(Bangalore) when I requested Hathway to transfer my internet connection, they informed me that the broadband service is not available in the new location hence I have to disconnect the service. However when I asked them what is the procedure to disconnect...
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    Hathway - East of NGEF, Bangalore Review After 2 Months

    People in Bangalore often move homes and I moved from Langford Town to Sadanand Nagar. While I moved from the super reliable BSNL to Airtel in Langford town, I had to opt for Hathway in Sadanand Nagar as my apartment had only Hathway or BSNL. I mean how bad could Hathway be? I could live with...
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    Asianet HD and Mazhavil Manorama HD

    Hi anyone getting Asianet HD and Mazhavil Manorama HD in Hathway?? Or any other SP.. Please tell me whom to contact in Hathway to add these two channels