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  1. D

    Google Discover (Google Suggest, Google Feed, Google Now, Google App)

    Grokr App For iPhone Brings Google Now Like Functionality To iOS Devices | Redmond Pie The app is already launched and available on itunes
  2. IBF

    Google Assistant Updates

    Source Google Assistant - Your own personal Google
  3. Sushubh

    Google India now has health information on knowledge graph

    Official Google India Blog: Health info in the Knowledge Graph comes to India Of course, the disclaimer...
  4. Sushubh

    Google Weather Homescreen Shortcut

    Got it today.
  5. Sushubh

    Google Search

    Google patents their homepage!
  6. Sushubh

    Cyanogen Inc. is now Andrasta

    CyanogenMod 7.0 is finally out
  7. Sushubh

    Microsoft Bing Updates

    Microsoft sued for trademark infringement over Bing