1. A

    BSNL FTTH - Open ports issue

    BSNL has modified the firmware on the FTTH modem and when I run a Shields Up test it shows that ports 23, 53, and 80 are open. There could be others too. How can I "stealth" all of these when there are no option on the FTTH modem admin page? I've connected the FTTH modem ( to an...
  2. A

    Jio FTTH Carrier Grade NAT and IPv6

    I have the Jio FTTH service and I have to say its really good. Fast speeds and zero downtime in the last 6 months I am using it now. The only problem is that there is no access to the device/home network from outside. They seem to be using CGNAT, and further their router is locked down (so...
  3. A

    How to migrate to Bsnl FTTH online ?

    Is there any option to Migrate my Existing plan BBG Combo ULD 1199 to FTTH plan online ? Should i change my adsl modem for FTTH ? I saw some cool affordable plans in FTTH, i think those plans are better than 1199 plan with unlimited Free calls.
  4. Sushubh

    Excitel Broadband through FTTH?

    The local guy who came to my place to replace the wire told me that I can get connected to Excitel through FTTH in a couple of weeks. I am not sure if this is something that Excitel is doing on their own or encouraging their partners to start doing or my LCO doing it on his own. The guy said...
  5. V

    Sites access - timing out Issue

    Hi Guys, I recently took a new FTTH connection all of a sudden during the past 2 weeks certain sites have become inaccessible. I have played with DNS settings & MTU szie property on my TP-Link router. I have also approached the BSNL exchange (no use though). Scenario: I could access most of...
  6. S

    DL speeds on 50 mbps+ plans?

    For those on plans having download speeds 50 mbps or more, what download speeds do you typically get on public torrents? On Ubuntu torrents, I'm averaging 3 MB/s, going upto 4.5 MB/s. This is on a 100 mbps FTTH connection. Are there any other well-seeded torrents to benchmark with? I basically...
  7. mantas

    How is MTNL FTTH connection?

    HI, Has anyone used MTNL FTTH connection in Delhi? How has your experience been? Also, do I need a wifi modem or the existing modem suffice? Or do I not need a modem at all and can I connect the ONT to my wifi router? Thanks!!
  8. i0s

    Do Bangalore really sucks in terms of providing reliable home broadband with 90% uptime?

    Hi Guys, Firstly I'm thankful to this community for letting us express our views and experiences on Indian Broadband Evolution. My journey in finding reliable ISP has started nearly 30days ago and still haven't found one. Surprisingly I live just 300 meters away from one of the top commercial...
  9. Mohit Karangiya

    AONT 100C Problem. Please Help

    Open this image - View image: Untitled I want to change my AONT to be in ppoe mode, but i cannot change it, as i am getting different menu with no options to change the mode of AONT. Any Suggestions??
  10. C

    BSNL FTTH might be hopeful one day.

    So I am interested in getting BSNL FTTH. Im currently on YouBroadband 100mbps, but their network is too congested and downloading torrents and games is not something that is my priority but simply browsing the internet on almost 5-10 devices at once without any slow loading times is. Most of the...