1. mantas

    How is MTNL FTTH connection?

    HI, Has anyone used MTNL FTTH connection in Delhi? How has your experience been? Also, do I need a wifi modem or the existing modem suffice? Or do I not need a modem at all and can I connect the ONT to my wifi router? Thanks!!
  2. i0s

    Do Bangalore really sucks in terms of providing reliable home broadband with 90% uptime?

    Hi Guys, Firstly I'm thankful to this community for letting us express our views and experiences on Indian Broadband Evolution. My journey in finding reliable ISP has started nearly 30days ago and still haven't found one. Surprisingly I live just 300 meters away from one of the top commercial...
  3. Mohit Karangiya

    AONT 100C Problem. Please Help

    Open this image - View image: Untitled I want to change my AONT to be in ppoe mode, but i cannot change it, as i am getting different menu with no options to change the mode of AONT. Any Suggestions??
  4. C

    BSNL FTTH might be hopeful one day.

    So I am interested in getting BSNL FTTH. Im currently on YouBroadband 100mbps, but their network is too congested and downloading torrents and games is not something that is my priority but simply browsing the internet on almost 5-10 devices at once without any slow loading times is. Most of the...
  5. V

    MTNL Delhi *BREAKING_NEWS* Deal between MTNL & 3rd Parties Like Radius for FTTH

    Went to Sec- 6, Dwarka(Delhi) exchange today. Had a 20 min chat with the Area Manager, Rajesh. Actual motive was to make him send a mail to backend to change my profile to 8Mbps from 2Mbps Anyway, Good News: Mtnl will be launching FTTH by this week or max., by next. Wait! Wait! Wait! Yes, you...
  6. S

    The second hop of my trace route is an IP in Germany. Should I be worried?

    Hi. I'm new here so please bear with me and I apologize for any mistakes in advance. So I moved to a rather remote area about 6 years ago, in 2010. There were no wired Internet services, so I bought a Tata Photon + dongle. There was BSNL, but they say that they have "run out of connections" in...
  7. A


    So,guys I am planning to buy a new router for my BSNL fiber net connection. Can you guys suggest some good routers and note that I need it with USB port for print server use... To start off ,how about these two: 1. TP-LINK Archer C20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router:Amazon:Electronics 2. TP-LINK...