1. Rockfella.Killswitch

    Nextel FTTH

    Just wanted to start this because I could not find anything related to Nextel FTTH in this forum. http://www.nextelindia.com/plan/ I got the 50 MBps plan. Paid Rs. 5303 for router installation and one months extra as discount. Service is good. Connection has been stable since day 1. Love it...
  2. A

    Lo speeds and high ping

    https://www.speedtest.net/result/8033816437 my speed should bee 78Mbps and keep in mind this is an FTTH Connection
  3. B

    BSNL FTTH Configuration for HG8546m ONT

    Hello Guys, Can anyone help me with BSNL FTTH configuration for Huawei HG8546m ONT. My ISP is BSNL but it is a leased connection. They are not familiar with this ONT model and are not able help me out. If any one have same model, Please help me out.
  4. A

    What is the Security Deposit for New Bsnl FTTH Connection?

    What is the Security Deposit for New FTTH Connection? I'm from Chennai, my lineman ask me to pay Rs.3000 for the new connection. Do i have to pay this much for a new Bsnl FTTH Connection?
  5. invisible007

    Is happy browsing working in FTTH 777 plan ?

    Are they giving happy browsing for 777 FTTH plan ....
  6. niyogro

    Unable to Connect to Internet through router.

    I recently got an FTTH connection. Since my old router did not have a WAN port (it was a modem/router model), I was forced to wait a few days till my new one arrived. The BSNL technician said he couldn't configure internet access without a router to my PC, and so left. However, i was able to...
  7. A

    Bsnl Ftth Nokia siemens router configuration for telnet

    Hi All, can you tell me all the assignments you did in your ipv4? I am unable to telnet the ont but can ping and use internet. I can login via my browser to I kept gateway,local ip,dns share. TIA
  8. A

    Telnet login to bsnl ftth gpon modem of Nokia siemens

    Hi everyone, i would like to know how to login by telnet to the nsn ftth modem of bsnl. I have tried telnet but not working. Pls help. Thanks a lot.
  9. A

    Do I need to change my landline number while switching to BSNL FTTH?

    Recently, I got to know about the wonderful offers provided by BSNL fiber network. However I have heard various speculations that in order to switch to that service, I would need to change my landline number. I have been using this number for more than 15 years and I cant afford to change it. So...
  10. PoeToaster

    New Connection in Hyderabad

    Just confirmed a new connection on a Sunday @7PM Made a call, sales rep was prompt, everything was online which was a breeze. Connection of FTTH will be made tomorrow, was given an option for extra month for no router. Opted for a router as I don't have one. Will update as it progresses.