1. A

    updated my plan speedtest

    I just change my plan 100 Mbps speed hear is the speedtest Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
  2. Rajneesh Rana

    How does cashback work on BSNL Broadband FTTH Annual Plan?

    I had applied for annual plan for 1277 plan. On BSNL website it shows 12770 as annual charges but when bill came they have charged full amount of 1277*12=15324 + taxes Is this how this offer works or they have charged the incorrect amount?
  3. S

    How to install unmanaged TP Link switch onto JioGiga Fibre Lan port

    Trying to connect TP Link Switch 108E V4 onto JioFibre Lan connection to extend the network. Inspite of changing static IP of switch to Jio router series , switch refuses to work. May be i am goofing up on the configuration of the switch.
  4. J

    BSNL FTTH work during power outage?

    With UPS or generator in home with modem turned on, ftth BSNL will work during power outage... Is there any time limit? I can see that cable TV is disconnecting when power outage. But ftth keeps on working with UPS after power outage . Seems like ftth technology doesn't require power in the line
  5. H

    no FTTH in Noida?

    Recently shifted to Noida. And i was searching for a good internet provider other than airtel or bsnl. And I am wondering why there are no major FTTH services in a city like Noida. I found some on google but their service rating is very bad. I Called airtel and in my area (Sector 26) they don't...
  6. H

    BSNL-FTTH Where To Complaint? Fed Up With The Service.

    I am Fed up with BSNL-FTTH service in my area. I have taken their 777/- plan with 50Mbps. But most of the time speed fluctuates a lot. and if the link goes down then forget about the service. This old creatures sitting at BSNL office don't even bother to listen to the problems. Called at...
  7. Rockfella.Killswitch

    Nextel FTTH

    Just wanted to start this because I could not find anything related to Nextel FTTH in this forum. http://www.nextelindia.com/plan/ I got the 50 MBps plan. Paid Rs. 5303 for router installation and one months extra as discount. Service is good. Connection has been stable since day 1. Love it...
  8. A

    Lo speeds and high ping

    https://www.speedtest.net/result/8033816437 my speed should bee 78Mbps and keep in mind this is an FTTH Connection
  9. B

    BSNL FTTH Configuration for HG8546m ONT

    Hello Guys, Can anyone help me with BSNL FTTH configuration for Huawei HG8546m ONT. My ISP is BSNL but it is a leased connection. They are not familiar with this ONT model and are not able help me out. If any one have same model, Please help me out.
  10. A

    What is the Security Deposit for New Bsnl FTTH Connection?

    What is the Security Deposit for New FTTH Connection? I'm from Chennai, my lineman ask me to pay Rs.3000 for the new connection. Do i have to pay this much for a new Bsnl FTTH Connection?