1. S

    Timbl fraud : Capping/throttling speed because of lockdown without any intimation or refund

    Just got 50 Mbps connection ,talked to customer care guy he says speed has been capped at 30 Mbps because of lockdown. This is fraudulent and appalling behaviour. No ISP has capped it's speed . They charged me for 50 Mbps . Such disappointing service . Anyone else facing the issue ? Mention ur...
  2. vpsj

    Airtel migrating me to a new plan without intimation with less data but more speed on Xstream Fiber Broadband

    Hi, I had applied for 999/- plan in January 2019. It was a 100Mbps/500GB Fiber plan. Recently I noticed I was getting 200Mbps speed. I even checked my Airtel App, and my plan is shown as 999/- 525GB - 200Mbps. I was elated. But, then I checked Airtel's website for current FTTH plans for my...
  3. Sai Ram

    Unusual High Pings during day time

    My Pings get unusually high during day time and i really can't play any of the online Games properly due to this BS, playing Games aside the Internet itself is slow AF because of the Dropping and High Ping. This issue aside i am new to this Dynamic IP thing (or) whatever it is called, my...
  4. A

    Reliance Jio Fiber ONT not able to login

    hello when I enter then trying to login using username & password which I setup the web page stays there no reaction
  5. Crisp

    How do i port forward in bsnl ftth Gpon?Epon?

    Hi I'm new to this. I want to port forward and open the ports for my plex media server but when I opened the modem settings i could not see any port forwarding option i don't have much networking knowledge how can i port forward while using this modem just to be clear i have a BSNL FTTH...
  6. ViK619

    BSNL FTTH connection via dish antenna?

    Hello, I had applied for a BSNL FTTH connection, few days ago I received a call from a local guy claiming to be from the BSNL. He said that the FTTH connection will be provided via a dish antenna, which will be installed on the roof and not via fiber cable as no fiber is laid in the area. The...
  7. A

    My BSNL Fiber LCO is not accepting Syrotech 1110 WDONT Modem, ask me to purchase Alphion Modem.

    I applied for a new Bsnl fiber connection in Chennai. 20 days after applying they came for wiring today, I already purchased Syrotech 1110 WDONT, now the LCO says that it won't support Bsnl fiber, and asking me to purchase Alphion Modem or else he asks me to cancel the Bsnl Fiber.connection. He...
  8. vignesh_venkatesan

    Need suggestions on switching to LCO provided broadband

    I'm on BSNL ADSL 20 down / 1 Mbps up 800 gb fup plan at 699+gst. I was approached by an LCO who runs service on Airtel backbone giving unlimited plans (100 Mbps at 999). So my questions are, 1. Is there a way to temporarily suspend bsnl broadband for a month or two to try out LCO provided...
  9. A

    Lethargic attitude of BSNL employees

    It has been more than a year since I have applied for BSNL FTTH. However, other than some occasional phone calls, there hasn't been much progress. A few weeks ago, LCO drew an OFC to my home. But after that, they have been procrastinating the process. Both LCO and BSNL are blaming each other for...
  10. Crazyguy030601

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband 1gbps ultra plan with unlimited data (~3TB) for Rs. 3999+GST (Rs. 4719)

    Idk if this is a coincidence or not lol, but I noticed a gigabit broadband plan on Airtel’s website