excitel support

  1. A

    Dead since 5-3-17

    Just took a new connection Plan name:- REELTIME995 (25mbps plan) and the same has been dead since the first day (today is the third day), though to it's credit it did work for around 2 hours in short bursts of 15-35 minute cycles. Since then i've talked over on their customer support number...
  2. Ashish Juneja

    Buffering and packet loss on Excitel Broadband

    I have been using airtel for more than 5 years now but when I saw excitel offering 50mbps p2p 30mbps plan at 1699 I got excitel as well. Now the issues I am facing currently on excitel ISP are: My current excitel plan 1699- 50mbps p2p 30mbps, airtel- 16mbps 200gb fup 1. Netflix is messed up on...