excitel broadband

  1. JB701

    Excitel Fiber 300Mbps international speedtests

    These aren't my speedtest results. It was done on @opomiyulen 's connection. This was done yesterday (Sunday): This was done today morning 7:45
  2. NME9877

    Help me decide between JioFiber, Airtel & Excitel.

    Hey guys, I am currently using 1)Excitel Broadband, Not the Fiber connection tho, from the past 5 years. It has been working okay, I mean like people say, that it depends upon the local isp in your area in the case of Excitel, it works 85-90% of the time. 2) Airtel(non v-fiber connection)- I...
  3. N

    100 mbps speed limit on Excitel LAN

    I have 300 mbps plan on Excitel and got the 2000 security deposit ONT which is the GX (Genexis) EARTH 4222 which claims to have 4 GE (Gigabit Ethernet) ports according to their manual. Upon connecting LAN with my laptop which has a Qualcomm Atheros AR8171/8175 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller...
  4. openwonder

    Excitel Broadband Lucknow (Indira Nagar) Review !!

    Hello all Today Excitel Fiber has been done to my Home as I switched from Airtel. Tell Me what Tests should I perform on it. Regards Prashant
  5. ngrhd

    Excitel is not BGP safe

    Read more what BGP is here Check if your ISP is BGP is safe here on Cloudflare Upon, checking for Excitel, they are yet to deploy Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) @philip marlowe
  6. T

    No connectivity

    My connection was off since last 25 days, I left it working but after I came back & switched it on there was no connectivity, I figured out that there is no IP assigned, even tho my PPPoE username & password are correct (double checked with customer care). Also replaced the wan cable so that's...
  7. B

    Any review for excitel lucknow (indiranagar) area ?

    Hi, Just got a pamphlet of excitel plans ,their fibre plans looks interesting ,so is there anyone using their service in indiaranagar lucknow uttar pradesh area ? if yes then can you please give some reviews about it ? like how good or bad they uptime and also about their customer service ...
  8. R

    Is there any to use Excitel internet for free

    I have Excitel internet connection but due to some reason I can't able to pay for it, Is there any way to use it for 1 month free? I mean is there any trick? I m from Delhi. I have someone's excitel username and mobile number and whenever I put it on my router on pppoe setting it doesn't work...
  9. TarunSingh

    Excitel Broadband Getting Lower Speeds than Promised

    Hi, I am facing speed issues on Excitel broadband since 18 July 2019. I am on the 50 Mbps plan but getting only 7-8 Mbps on PPPoE connection directly on the wire. I created a ticket on 19 July 2019. Still, the problem is not resolved. I had paid for Fiber on 15 July 2019. They are neither...
  10. M

    Is there Jio GigaFiber in Malviya Nagar Delhi?

    I have recently moved to Malviya Nagar in Delhi and was wondering if Jio GigaFiber is in Malviya Nagar yet? I read terrible reviews about ACT Fibernet and Excitel. So somewhat confused which service provider to go for. Hathaway has a large hoarding in front of my place but not sure if they are...