excitel broadband

  1. B

    Any review for excitel lucknow (indiranagar) area ?

    Hi, Just got a pamphlet of excitel plans ,their fibre plans looks interesting ,so is there anyone using their service in indiaranagar lucknow uttar pradesh area ? if yes then can you please give some reviews about it ? like how good or bad they uptime and also about their customer service ...
  2. R

    Is there any to use Excitel internet for free

    I have Excitel internet connection but due to some reason I can't able to pay for it, Is there any way to use it for 1 month free? I mean is there any trick? I m from Delhi. I have someone's excitel username and mobile number and whenever I put it on my router on pppoe setting it doesn't work...
  3. TarunSingh

    Excitel Broadband Getting Lower Speeds than Promised

    Hi, I am facing speed issues on Excitel broadband since 18 July 2019. I am on the 50 Mbps plan but getting only 7-8 Mbps on PPPoE connection directly on the wire. I created a ticket on 19 July 2019. Still, the problem is not resolved. I had paid for Fiber on 15 July 2019. They are neither...
  4. jtndbs

    HELP! Looking for a new Fiber internet connection in Dwarka

    Hey guys, I'm a resident of Dwarka Sector 4. I'm on the lookout for a new Fiber broadband internet connection ASAP. My current ISP is Nextra. And since a few weeks nextra has been having the hiccups. It didn't used to, but now it does. Speedtest and fast.com show speeds of a shameful 100kbps...
  5. G

    If you play online games dont get excitel. Getting 5-20% packet loss.

    Have been using excitel for the past 3-4 months. Everything was buttery smooth with 0% packet loss but for the last 3 weeks I am getting constand packet loss. It varies from 5%-20%. One fortunate night the loss went all the way up to 50%. I created a ticket on 17th may and have created multiple...
  6. ANIsetra

    New Broadband Suggestion

    Hi Guys I am situated in East Delhi and will be needing a new broadband service and would love your suggestions here ! Currently, I am using WEBCITY broadband (old copper wire connection), 50 mbps (gives me 10-30mbps) plan which works out fine if i need to send out mails and download movies...
  7. D

    Excitel Broadband: Slow Internet Speeds to Many Servers and Locations

    Hi! Speeds on Excitel Broadband are pathetic from morning till mid-night. It starts to have bad speeds around 8 AM and continues to be bad until 1 AM. So the whole day, Excitel is struggling to have speeds. Some locations/servers are so bad that they don't go more than 1 Mbps in speed including...
  8. yoloswagger

    Excitel Broadband Binge Plans?

    Yo whats up with these new binge plans? and whats the difference between regular ones and binge ones?
  9. A

    Changing DNS using Android VPN Apps.

    Hi, I am trying to change the DNS server on Android through Netguard. The problem i am facing, is that Netguard is only able to change the DNS while i am on mobile data, and not when connected to wifi on Excitel broadband. I have tested many vpn apps that intend to change the DNS by way of...
  10. S

    Poor upload speeds on Excitel Broadband

    poor upload speeds from past half an hour, in the beginging upload speeds were so low that it would fail in upload test and it would take 3-4 refreshes to open a simple site like google.com.